Denton family
July 14, 2010 09:01PM
I am interested in any lore about the Benjamin and Margaret (Anderson) Denton family whose son Absolum/Absalom/Absolom was b. in Perry Co, 1816. This is the line of Dentons who came from the Rev Richard Denton of NY and who eventually founded cherry and apple orchards in Natchez, WA Terr (now Naches, WA).

I would like to know how long they lived in Perry Co and if any Dentons from that line are still in Perry or nearby counties.

Absolom Denton is my gr'grandfather.
Re: Denton family
January 17, 2013 12:18PM
Hi Donna. I am a decendant of Abraham Denton111 who also lived in Perry in 1820. I ran across bsolam when i was looking at The Moore family papers TN Archives. The Moore's had an Iron mfg company and apparently that's why he was mentioned in the accounting as a customer I think. Someone was wondering who he was decended from,Now we know. I believe he also had a land bounty in Big Fork White County TN in 1812. He traveled. Iexpect he was too young for the Rev War. J
Re: Denton family
January 18, 2013 01:16PM
Thank you so much for your reply. When I wrote that query two years ago, I was wrong about my Denton descendency.

DNA autosomal testing shows that I am a descendent of Abraham (II) Denton and Mary O'Dell through their son Samuel Denton Sr (Absolum III's brother) who m. Margaret Moore.

Therefore I'm very grateful to hear of Moore Family papers and will look into how to explore them.

The Benjamin Denton (Margaret Anderson) in my query turns out not to be direct ancestor, either, but we do have his parents in common; parents are Benjamin Denton/Pricilla Wiggins. My g'g'grandfather, Absolum Denton (Sarah Barnes) is a brother of young Benjamin.

But because I'm tracking my DNA cousins and correcting my tree as well as gathering some details of their daily lives in early Perry County (beyond land ownership, voting, paying school taxes, and fighting wars), I would like further communication. If you also would, pls contact me at dparten (at)