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Posted by JanMonnin 
May 17, 2010 09:16AM
Welcome to the new Perry County query board! I am Jan Monnin, the Perry County TnGenWeb county coordinator and I will be moderating this board. The main purpose of this board is to post queries about Perry County families, ask for help regarding any Perry County research, or any other pertinent questions about Perry County. We have many knowledgeable people about Perry County and I think this query board will be a great way to get help for our many Perry County TnGenWeb visitors.

Here are some directions for getting started for this board:

1) Click on "Create A New Profile" in the upper right of the screen.
2) In the window that comes up enter a Username, your e-mail address, and a password, as requested, along with the anti-spam code that appears at the bottom. The codes that come up can be difficult to read. Just keep trying until you get it to work.
3) Click on the Submit button. You should get a message back telling you that you will get an e-mail message with a link you must visit to allow you access to the Board.
4) Once you have done all that, when you go back to the Board you should be able to Log In with your Username and password.
5) If you want to post a new message (query), click on New Topic. The "Start a New Topic" window should come up. Enter a Subject and then your message (query) in the Message window. You can even format your message using the buttons at the top of the window, but you don't have to use them.
6) Once you've entered your message you can click on the Preview button to see how it will look or just click on the Post message button. As noted at the bottom of the page, the message will not be posted until approved by the moderator. This rarely takes more than a day or so.
7) Be sure to Log Out before you exit the Board.

Happy Hunting!
Re: Battle of Beardstown
September 19, 2010 11:11AM
I submitted a query back on August 29 searching for information on the Battle of Beardstown. I was particularly interested in the Confederate soldiers who were taken prisoner in that action. I note that my query currently reflects 37 views. Does this mean that 37 people have registered and interest in my query? How would they communicate any information to me? Also, is there any local resource with information on military activity in Perry Co. between 1863-1864. Thanks Tom Lee

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