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James Murray & Jane S. Keith

Posted by jacie9 
James Murray & Jane S. Keith
October 20, 2012 11:49PM
In the 1850 Jackson Co., TN Census, Jane S. Keith is living with her father Alexander Keith. It is believed that she is dead by 1870. Her daughter Nancy Keith is living with Alexander Keith in 1870. Mathias Beale is living close by. By 1872 Nancy Keith identifies herself as Nancy Murray, daughter of James Murray in Butler Co., Ky when she married Henry Willis. Nancy Keith Murray Willis dies two years later after giving birth to her son Mathias Willis. Years later, Mathias Willis receives a letter from Jackson Co., TN informing him of an inheirtance. The letter is lost. The family of Mathias Willis is still searching for the family of Jane Keith and James Murray.

Family Finder Test indicates a postive match to the family of James Murray that married Sarah Birdwell. James Murray disappears from Monroe Co., Ky about the same time that Nancy Keith Murray appears in Butler Co.,Ky. It is believed that James Murray is the son of John Murray and Elizabeth Mulkey. Did the John Murrray Family or Mulkey Family leave an estate naming heirs of Jane Keith or Nancy Keith Murray Willis. Any info would be appreciated. Please email me at gasb@aol.com Thank you so much!