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Abigail Melvin

Posted by margaretrowe 
Abigail Melvin
February 01, 2014 08:22PM
Hello, I have a question regarding the parentage of Abigail Melvin. She was born in 1801 in Washington County, Knob Creek. I am looking to try to find actual hard documentation of her parents. I currently believe that her parents are James Melvin (1780 - 1860) and Stacy Duncan (1775 - 1860), They were married in 1800. Abigail married Abraham Saylor in 1826 in Washington Co. The other possibility may be that she is the youngest sister of James Melvin, in which case her parents would be Joseph Melvin Sr (1740 - 1817) and Hannah Wright (1745 - 1818). If anyone is able to assist me in this quest, I would be most appreciative.

I also would like to ask about two cemeteries. First, does anyone know how to actually get to the "Duncan Cemetery" that is located somewhere near Wingdeer park? (It is not the Duncan-Melvin-Carathers Cemetery located near Ashley furniture.)

Second, does anyone have any knowledge of who is in the little cemetery that is located right at the side of the road off Knob Creek Rd at the intersection of State of Franklin (near Lowes and Kohls, right across the street from a bank) It is very close to the Duncan-Melvin-Carathers cemetery. Aside from trying to find out who Abigail Melvin's parents are, I am also trying to locate her burial site, as well as her husband's Abraham Saylor. Thank you so much for any help. Maggie Rowe.