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Peter Crum(b) in White County

Posted by thevirtualwriter 
Peter Crum(b) in White County
February 07, 2014 11:44AM

I am looking for information on Peter Crum(b) who lived in White County from around 1810 to 1820 - sometime in that range. He was:
    [*] Born in Heidleburg PA (Adams County) in 1758,
    [*] Was a Rev. War veteran as a wagoneer
    [*] Listed in an 1800 census in Adam County PA with his father, Francis Crum, and his brothers John and Caspar (all four were HOH)
    [*] Moved to Greene County TN
    [*] Moved to Christian County KY
    [*] Moved to White County TN
    [*] Moved to Jackson County TN
    [*] Received a land grant with Richard Alcorn (each 50 acres) on the waters of Indian Creek of Caney Fork
    [*] Applied for and received a Rev. War pension from 1833 until his death in 1842 (as I recall)
    [*] Married a woman by the name of Elizabeth Polk (name from first marriage) less than a year before he died
    [*] The second wife (Elizabeth) applied for his pension after his death

Any help you can give me regarding a Peter Crum in White County from 1810 to 1820 (in that range) is greatly appreciated.


Darryl Crum