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MOSELEY in Shelbyville tn bef civil war

Posted by gloriamlh 
MOSELEY in Shelbyville tn bef civil war
March 02, 2012 05:25AM
having a very hard time finding the family of john green moseley. i did find mention of a deed or bill f land sale in bedford co by john green moseley to isham o neal. now isham was johns father in law he married martha c oneal of marshall co. IDo not even remember where i had found that info because i was looking for oneill not knowing that names were spelled according to the writers idea of correctness... this john was born in 1821/22 in va according to records found from his marriage to martha and census records... my family has a custom of naming the first son after the mothers father which john did his first son was named isham oneal moseley b 1847 and we also name the second son after the fathers father... did john green moseley name his second son robert lemuel moseley after his father? is there a robert moseley in bedford co that had a wife possibly named sarah or sallie?

thank you.