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Thomas Powdrill

Posted by MosezickleP 
Thomas Powdrill
August 06, 2011 12:49AM
I am looking for information regarding the family history on my great-great-great-grandfather Thomas Powdrill, he married Elizabeth Gates and had several chilldren in Bedford County Tnn. He was born in old England about 1792. After living in Bedford county his family moved to Texas into Hunt County Texas and he also lived in Shelby County Texas where he died and is buried in Arcadia Tx. After his wife Elizabeth died, Thomas is listed on the 1870 census with Mariah Powdrill and her children. His son was Thomas Jr of the first wife. I have done my dna testing and discovered that I am part Orcadian. I believe that Thomas father William Bottrell was born about 1750 and of British descent, possibly with a royal connection. Thomas Powdrill's mother was Mary Rodda I believe. If this sound familar to you or you have information to clear any details or cloudy facts feel free to correct me. I am Mosezickle Pitts, my father was Mosezickle Pitts, his mother was Vera Beacham whose mother was Dollie Johnson, daughter of Dolly Powdrill, daughter of Thomas Powdrill. His name is also spelled Powdral, Powdrel and Bottrell. Rumor has it that he was originated from Novia Scotia. Thomas Powdrill had about 8 children, a few names I recall are Catherine, Sarget and Thomas J. Powdrill. He had other relatives of one I remember hearing about was Richard Powdrill.