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Davenport, Hancock, Stubblefield, Sneed, Green, Carver, Gore

Posted by Jdavenport 
Davenport, Hancock, Stubblefield, Sneed, Green, Carver, Gore
March 18, 2011 03:12PM
Hello, My name is Jeff Davenport, I am researching geneology information over the following people.
Davenport, Hancock, Stubblefield, Sneed, Green, Carver, Gore here from Jackson County. Please contact me kj4ahd (at) yahoo(dot)com
Re: Davenport, Hancock, Stubblefield, Sneed, Green, Carver, Gore
March 27, 2011 02:31PM
Jeff, my name is Dian Davenport Douglas. I believe that a few years ago my parents and I visited you in Jackson County. We were researching Joe and Oma Davenport, who was the son of Milas and Katharine Davenport. Since then my father has become ill and we have not pursued the genealogy search for some time. However, we have begun the research again and have found several families from the Haydenburg, Jackson County area that we have determined are related. If I remember correctly, you were a descendent of Martin Davenport, who was a sibling of Milas, my great-grandfather. We have connected with a family in Franklin, Kentucky who are descendent's of Elias Davenport who was also a sibling of Milas.

We are in the process of planning a Davenport family reunion on July 2 of this year and would like to connect with any Davenports that might be related to this family line and invite you to the reunion.

If you are interested in attending the reunion or have any other information, we would be excited to see you or talk to you. The Elias Davenport family is interested in visiting Jackson County and Haydenburg so we might be coming that way soon. Would you be able to talk to us?
Re: Davenport, Hancock, Stubblefield, Sneed, Green, Carver, Gore
April 01, 2011 07:03PM
Hello, Yes I am interested in possibly going to KY in July. If any body wants to come to Jackson County, Haydenburg now would be the time. My dads health is getting worse, He just got out the hospital last week. He was on the ventilator for 5 days but he is doing much better now. If anyone has any questions they would like to ask , pass along my email kj4ahd@yahoo.com and i will be more than happy to help any way possible. If you have any other questions please respond to via my email above. This goofy web site has just now let me on to reply back to you. Can you send me more information about the reuinion in KY. Your dad showed us a picture he had that was made on the ridge. Its an old house with several people on the porch. Do you have that picture scanned ? I have sold my place so i no longer live in Jackson County. I am living in Cookeville now but i will try to help as much as possible. Have to go.... Jeff Davenport