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Lowery (Lowrey), Spears, Harris, Staggs - PLEASE HELP!

Posted by James Lowery 
Lowery (Lowrey), Spears, Harris, Staggs - PLEASE HELP!
April 09, 2014 11:33AM
My grandfather, George Lowery (or Lowrey) married Susie Wisdom Spears in Lawrence County on June 1, 1909. They had several children, including my father, James Edward Lowery. Other siblings included, Mattie Lucille, Arthur, and Minnie May.

Susie Wisdom Spears Lowery died in March of 1924. George Lowery was arrested on "various charges" and escaped from jail in Lawrenceburg on October 4, 1924. He became a fugitive from justice. All of the children were adopted. My dad and Mattie Lowery were adopted to George G. and Lorettie McNeil on October 17, 1924. The other siblings were adopted by C.P and W.E Harris on October 17, 1924.

Other family members were:

Pauline Harris
Liddie Harris - died October 2, 1973
Charles Harris - died Oct. 8, 1934 (Charles and Liddie were married on Oct. 26, 1902)( They had a home on Piney Creek)

Charles P. Harris - born Dec. 13, 1880
Winnie E. Staggs Harris - born Nov. 26, 1886

Mery Murphy Staggs - born March 16, 1856

If any family still live in the area, please respond.

Thank you

James E. Lowery, Jr.
emil: investigator20@att.net