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male Seaton, first name is: Candy

Posted by pryorinfo 
male Seaton, first name is: Candy
December 25, 2010 09:15PM
My grandmother Kate Prier/Prior/Pryor had a child w/a man from the Lawrenceburg, TN,
area. The ONLY first name I have is: Candy. We are talking late 1800's so it doesn't
sound right but it's all I have to go by.

My grandmother did marry William Hollis Williams when my dad was about 8 yrs.
old. They lived in Columbia, TN on Hickman St., both have passed.

My mother thinks that my dad, Darnell Williams (he lived w/his grandparents Aaron Lindsey
& Ethyl Prior, Prier, Pryor) actually had visits w/this Candy Seaton, but there are no pictures.
He was born at home, so there are no birth records either. At some point after Kate married
William Hollis Williams, she gave my dad the Williams last name. He went by Prior, Prier before

If ANYONE in the Lawrenceburg area has ANY KNOWLEDGE of Seatons, I would
appreciate a response. Any relatives who knew anything have passed.

Thank you!

Trish (Williams) Smith