John Barnett family
November 23, 2010 09:58PM
My Barnett progenitors (John, wife and 7 children) arrived in Obion County, Tennessee approximately 1855 (+/- 2 years) and were included in the 1860 census. The family settled in the city of Troy. But by the 1870 census all were gone except for 2 of John's daughters. (one had married and the other was living with her.) My progenitor (John's son Charles) was found in Nebraska that year in what could only be considered an attempt to go west that failed or some reconsideration to return because by 1880 he was in Kentucky and shortly thereafter returned to Tennessee , Weakley county. My focus is what happened to John, wife and children.
The civil war no doubt could have played a part. An Epidemic apparently happened in Obion during the war years, and of
course age may have played a part too for John & wife who were both born around 1805. I can find no burial or cemetery records. No marriage records for the remaining girls and the youngest kids would have been 16, and 22 in 1870. There was a second Barnett family in Troy during that time apparently unrelated who seemed to have survived the 1860's and more.
It's just hard to only find 3 members out of a family of 9 living.
Any stories of Obions going west in the late 1860's?