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Cost of Marriage in 1879

Posted by Daybreak79 
Cost of Marriage in 1879
March 04, 2011 10:35PM
I was reviewing my ancestors Tennessee Marriage License from 1879 and noticed that the cost of the license in Twelve Hundred and Fifty Dollars. Does anyone know why it cost that much money?

That would be a large sum of money by today’s standards to pay for a marriage license which makes it seem like an outrageous sum for 1879. Any insight into this will be greatly appreciated.
Re: Cost of Marriage in 1879
May 27, 2011 02:08PM
I was able to get this answered on anoth forum and thought I would post the answer here incase someone else wants to know:


Go to this site: Marriage and Divorce, 1867-1906 ... - Google Books

I had to download the PDF file, then you want to go to page 270 to find the required fee. It states that a bond of $1,250 must be paid when a couple register to marry. Then there is a filing fee of $0.50 to record the marriage.