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Need help with name of town in Putnam Co.

Posted by aw.walker 
Need help with name of town in Putnam Co.
September 03, 2011 12:08PM
Hello all.

My name is Judy and I live in Texas. I am doing research on our ancestors that lived in Putnam Co., TN years ago..

I have been doing genealogy of our Walker family that once lived, and some still do I believe, in Putnam Co.

I was told that back in the late 1800's or early 1900's that my great grandfather owned most of the land in Putnam Co.

His name was Lafayette "Fate" Walker. .. some have told me his first name was James. He was born in 1862..

Reason I am writing, is that we knew little at all about our family.. My grandmother married Fate's son A. W. Walker, birth name Abraham William Walker. he was born in 1886...Most called him A.W. or Abe. He came to Texas sometime around 1915 or so.

Not sure what happened, because my grandmother refused to talk about it, but he walked out one day on his family and left them.

My uncle recently died, and in some of his papers we came across a note that had this written on it.. " pocket watch A.W. Walker".. on the note it has PO Box 1885, Putnam TN.

We are assuming that someone with that PO Box number has information on possibly a pocket watch that may have belonged to my grand father A.W. Walker. But in searching, we realized that Putnam is a county and not the name of a town. I was wondering if you could tell me if there has ever been a town in Putnam Co. named Putnam. We do not have a zip code with this PO Box, so dont know what town we can send it to for it to get there.. Any help would be appreciated if you know of a town that was once named that in Putnum Co..

Our family is tied into the Welch, Myatt and the Lee families..

Judy McCollough for Alta Wraye Walker.
Re: Need help with name of town in Putnam Co.
September 10, 2011 03:26PM
The names of towns in Putnam County are Cookeville, Baxter, Algood and Monterey.
Re: Need help with name of town in Putnam Co.
November 05, 2011 09:17PM
Lafayette 'Fayett' Walker
b. 25 Feb 1862 Monterrey, Tennessee, United States
d. 02 Dec 1940 Mayland, Cumberland Co, TN, USA (as on headstone ~ have found variation)
He was still living in Putnam Co TN in 1910, according to census. Presume he then moved to Cumberland Co, TN, where he passed.

Abraham William "Abe" Walker
b. June, 22 1886 Cookeville, Putnam, Tennessee, United States
d. Aug. 26, 1936 Dallas, Texas
He was living in Putnam Co TN in 1910, according to census.
Abraham William Walker married Grace Jones and had a child, living Walker.
Abraham William Walker married Dora B. Neal and had a child, Earnest Walker.

All of this information was obtained from Ancestry.com

There is much more information on Ancestry.com. and there are many tracing your Walker Family Tree.