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Elite Girls camp in Putnam Co??? late1800's-early 1900's

Posted by aw.walker 
Elite Girls camp in Putnam Co??? late1800's-early 1900's
September 04, 2011 11:02AM
I was told that my grandfather Lafayett Walker used to grow acres of beautiful flowers, and each year a camp for wealthy young ladies would purchase them from him to decorate the camp and all the events that went on there about 3 months of the year.

My grandfather lived most of his life in the Cookeville and Sand Springs area and later moved to Mayland. It is my understanding that this camp may have been close to Mayland.

I was wondering if anyone had come across any information about an elite girls camp in that area, and if so, the name it was called.

On the flip side, I was told that he made really good whiskey, and that people came from all over to buy his whiskey. I was wondering if anyone had heard of some Walkers who made a living mainly by selling whiskey.

Seems my grandfather had 2 sides to him. The compassionate side, and the side where he would do anything to make money for his family.

We were told that he would buy up old run down homes and such, and fix them up as best he could and then sell them for a little of nothing to help families that did not have much. He also did farming in Sand Springs and we were told he did extremely well and between the farming and whiskey, he had accumulated a lot of money. However, his wife got ill and eventually passed away and he later became ill and could no longer work, and trying to provide for his children ( 18 of them ) over time, and some that were ill themselves, he eventually went through the money he had made and when he died, he basically was broke.