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Chism Family

Posted by Bettie Goolsby 
Chism Family
April 04, 2013 02:49AM
I was told many years ago that Mary Chism 1883-1941, w/o Clay Goolsby was old Ben Chism's daughter. This is just one of a number of things I have been told over the pst 30 years that proved not to be true.

New information is that she was the d/o William Chism and Matilda, living north of Cookeville on Spring Creek Road in 1900 and 1910 Putnam County census.

Where were they living before that?

Who was Matilda and where are they buried?

Any information would be appreciated

Bettie Sue Goolsby, archivist
Putnam County Cemetery Records
TN Gen Web Cemetery Database
Re: Chism Family
April 07, 2013 02:28PM
Record for W C Chism, Tennessee, Enumeration of Male Voters, 1891

1900 census says William and Matilda were married in 1880, her parents were born in NC

1910 census says William and Matilda were married less than 20 years, one parent born in SC, other in NC,
and as for the number of children born.... blank..... number living .... blank

Source: Tennessee Public Health Vital Records: Deaths, 1908-1912 (Putnam County)
69684 Chism Matilda 09 Mar 1912 F-W-M 64 years Putnam Co TN

Will post more information when found.
Mary Jo Snyder
Re: Chism Family
April 07, 2013 03:26PM
Thank you,

They had 2 girls living with them in one of the census.
Near the Kuykendall's
The Kuykendall graveyard has been abandon , very few stones left, the may be buried there in unmrked graves.

Bettie Sue Goolsby, archivist
Putnam County TN Cemetery Records
TN Gen Web Cemetery Database.
Re: Chism Family
April 07, 2013 07:41PM
WILLIAM CANTRELL CHISM ~ born 1836 in Tennessee, was a farmer, married Matilda ?, and had five children. William died in 1914 and was buried in Burnt Stand Cemetery, Cookeville. That cemetery was moved to build TTU's library(?) and it appears William was moved to Shipley Cemetery (unmarked grave?). Wonder if Matilda is in Shipley, as well?

Information from Genealogy.com
Mary Jo Snyder

Re: Chism Family
April 07, 2013 11:56PM
They well could be in Shipley, the graves were put in several different cemeteries, if they could find a relative that wanted them put a certain place .It was hard to get permission after so many years.

They wanted the land for a football field and it went on for several years. The earlist record I have I think is 1965 to at least 1968.

There are many unmarked graves at Shipley, some marked at Double Springs and Cookeville City Cemetery, and I think we found some others.

Alice Kirby had her family moved more than once mom said.

The archives at Tech has a complete list of the precedings.

Thank you
Bettie in TN
Re: Chism Family
April 08, 2013 08:17AM
1900 TN Putnam County census lists 2 girls with William & Matilda Chism, Mary A, 17 and Alta Mae.

I need to know if that is the Mary Chism that married Clay Goolsby.

If I get a chance I will look at the land records.

Bettie in TN
Re: Chism Family
April 08, 2013 12:30PM
Mary I Chism
b. 23 Dec 1884 Putnam Co, TN
d. 21 Apr 1940 Putnam Co, TN

Clay Goolsby
b. 12 Aug 1875 Jackson Co, TN
d. 09 Jan 1949 Putnam Co, TN

daughter Rubina Lucille Goolsby
b. 20 Sep 1925 Putnam Co, TN
d. 18 Apr 2006 Clawson, Oakland, MI

spouse Aaron Fox
b. 26 Jun 1925 Jackson Co, TN
d. 04 Feb 1966 Clawson, Oakland, MI

Goolsby-Fox marriage 1946

WW I Draft Reg, 12 Sep 1918, Jackson County, Gainesboro, TN
Clay Goolsby born 12 Jul 1875
Nearest relative Marry Goolsby
Residence Bloomington R #1 TN

Death Certificate: Clay Goosby, widowed, b. 05 Mar 1874 d. 10 Jan 1949 Putnam Co, TN Bloomington Springs
father: Frank Goolsby mother: Tennessee Dyer Informant: W.K. Goolsby Baxter R #1
burial: 12 Jan 1949 Waller Jackson Co
burial director: D. M. Goff Monterey
Re: Chism Family
April 09, 2013 09:48AM
Yes on Mary Chism being married to Clay Goolsby. I posted quite a bit of information found, from Certificate of Death, WW I enlistment, ect., but see none made this site. Will post again, when time allows.
Mary Jo Snyder
Re: Chism Family
April 09, 2013 11:58AM
I do not know how to thank you enough, I have wasted many hours on this family. When I get time I will check the newspaper and see if I can find anythng about their death.

Do you have any idea who Matilda was?

Thank you again and have a great day.
Re: Chism Family
April 09, 2013 12:01PM
Are they relatives of yours?. They
used to live on the Buffalo Valley Road near my mom and dad.
Bettie in TN
Re: Chism Family
April 09, 2013 08:47PM
I found William Cantrell Chism listed in the Thomas Gladney Paul & James A. Paul genealogy, put online by Audrey J. Denny Lambert.


Bullington was married to Margaret Paul... I presume he died... she then marries William Cantrell Chism. It could be that William married Matilda after Margaret died, and that would explain why I saw no children born to William and Matilda in the 1910 census.

Still have no idea who Maltida is, but will keep searching. There is no TN State Marriage listed for her and William, so maybe they didn't marry in this state. And also take notice of the spelling of Chism.... Chisholm. Have done searches using that spelling, too, but nothing.

And the Chism children? Was Margaret Paul their mother?

No Bettie, they are not relatives. I just like to help out, when I can smiling smiley
Mary Jo