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Wisner Cemetery

Posted by Bettie Goolsby 
Wisner Cemetery
August 11, 2010 08:04AM
There is or was 1 or 2 Wisner cemeteries in the Popular Grove area.

They lived near the Bohannons, Hyders, Rockwell families

Does anyone know where the cemeteries were or have a listing of them.

The 1880 TN Putnam County census list:

HH 83
James Wizer 39, Elizabeth 37, Fredona 12, Mary 7, Sarah 1.

HH 84

Susan Wizer 75,
Narcissus 70 sister

HH 86
Ellen Wizer 70, Sarah 36, Eliza 27

Where did these people go and not leave any tracks?

Any informtion will be appreciated.

Thank you
Bettie in TN
Re: Wisner Cemetery
October 17, 2010 01:17PM
Putnam County tax records show there is a WISER CEMETERY located on Rockwell Hollow Road, off of Mount Pleasant Road, which can be accessed from either Buck Mountain or Poplar Grove. Aerial view shows the WISER cemetery is on the right, just past two dwellings on the same side, in a hay field, and grown over w/trees and shrubs. If planning a visit to this cemetery, I suggest you ask permission from the landowner of the property.
Re: Wisner Cemetery
May 11, 2011 03:38AM
Thank you, as you can see I have not been to the boards in along time. I am sorry I did get your message.

Yes it is supposed to be there, but when we talked to Jerry Jones at his stables, he said the graves are all gone, he has pastured horses there in the past.

Thank You again

Bettie in TN
Re: Wisner Cemetery
November 05, 2011 07:57PM
Bettie, as you can see I haven't been on here lately, either. Our dear friend Jerry Jones is no longer w/us, and along w/his passing he took much information on this hollow and surrounding areas. As far as I know, there are two Wiser Cemeteries back on Rockwell Hollow Road, but to be sure, I will ask the person that lives on that property. Years ago, Jerry told me about another cemetery on the Boyd property, which borders Rockwell Hollow, although, he said there were no headstones. He never mentioned who was buried there or who it belonged to, but it sounds interesting.

Hope to have your answer this coming week!
Mary Jo
Re: Wisner Cemetery
January 25, 2012 02:13PM
The woman in the neighborhood has put a sign on her door, that she has no information about the Wisner Cemetery and not to bother her.

I guess that is the end of that.

Bettie in TN
Re: Wisner Cemetery
January 30, 2012 03:30PM
I went to the first Wiser Cemetery this afternoon, a clump of trees in a hay field, and counted 11 headstones w/no markings. The second Wiser Cemetery is on down Rockwell Hollow Rd and it's on the left in a pasture. A clump of trees, again, designates the cemetery, and you can't miss it. Time was short for me today, but I'm going back. Hopefully their will be some kind of headstones, there too, so I can get a count. I did take pictures of the first cemetery for documentation ~ there must be records, somewhere, saying who is buried in these graves. Will get back to you when I find more out.
Mary Jo
Re: Wisner Cemetery
January 31, 2012 08:59AM
I am not happy with the new boards, I have to have a new password everytime I try to log in.

Thank you for the information on the Wisner Cemetery, I will try to go when MItzi comes to town, she is looking for Civil War soldiers, markers, so they can be replaced if needed, but she will take a picture of anything.

Thanks again.
Bettie in TN
Re: Wisner Cemetery
February 05, 2012 04:25PM
Is there an email where I can contact you? I would like to give you the name of the person who has the "say so" on this property and maybe she might have information on these graves, as well. Seems the Wizer / Wiser / Wisner family left that farm (either by death or by moving) between 1920 and 1930, according to the cenus.
Mary Jo
Re: Wisner Cemetery
February 07, 2012 01:17AM
Thank you for the information.

There should be a way for you to contact me, when I reply, but I do not know how. other than on the board.

Maybe the board moniter can help us.

I would love for you to have my e-mail.

I have been working on familiy history over 30 years and my mom had a lot done when I started, she is 100 years old and still sharp,

lives on her own and does her own work.

Thank you again and have a great day.

Betie in TN
Re: Wisner Cemetery
February 07, 2012 01:37AM
Someone else left their e-mail address and it came through.

<bsgoolsby@frontiernet.net>, I hope this works.

In addition to Wisner, the old Burnt Stand Cemetery is being worked on again, that was moved between 1965-1968, to make room

for Tech to have a new football field. The graves from Burnt Stand were moved to several different cemeteries. There should be

a Certificates of Death for some of those Wisner people, but they were a long way from town.

Have a great day.

Bettie in TN
Re: Wisner Cemetery
February 07, 2012 08:27AM
If you click on a posters name in blue, you will jump over to a page that shows their email address.

Hope this helps.