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April 19, 2010 12:47PM
My great-great grandparents were from Rhea County. Claiborne Fugate Sr and Rebecca Jane Brady.
One of their many children was my great grandmother, Nancy Ann Fugate.
I believe they are buried in Clack Cemetery.
Nancy Ann married Will L. Hill November 23, 1895 by William K. Fugate ' Justice of the Peace' They moved to Oklahoma, where my great grandfather took a teaching job in an Indian school.
They had 3 boys; James Erskine, Thomas and Parker.
One daughter named Edith Victoria.
Edith Victoria's (my grandmother) Records are no where to be found. I have written Nashville with no findings. Her apparent birth date was 1-19-1902.
I have been told she was probably adopted through an Indian adoption.
Her records are closed. Her brothers records are open.
She died in Los Angeles in 1979. She lived with our family at the time.
Any help would be appreciated. I am at a dead end and running out of hope.
Her nickname was Kitty. I have no idea how she got that nickname.
Thank you,