Dunnington / Kennedy Incident
March 14, 2015 11:11AM
Can anyone shed any further light on this event or if Mr. Kennedy had a hearing?
I know that the shooting happened along the Coon Hollow Road.

(From Landmark, Statesville, North Carolina, Sept. 22, 1903):
An incident occurred at Sunbright
Tenn., Saturday, which is out of the
common run. Ernest Dunnigan, who
seems to have been something of a
desperado, bore a grudge against W.
E. Kennedy. Dunnigan went to
Kennedy's house, called him out and
announced: "You kill me or I'll kill
you," Instead of waiting for Dunnigan
to shoot him, as the latter evidently
he would, 'Kennedy
violated the usual rules of such procedure
by instantly shooting and
killing Dunnigan. We have no idea
that Kennedy will be punished. In
fact he ought to be discharged with
the thanks of the court for ridding
the community of a terror and a constant
menace. It's an awful thing to
shed human blood—to take human
life. Bnt when the bully who goes
about with the constant purpose in
his mind to maim or kill his fellow
creatures, with or without provocation,
is shot down, as he deserves to
be, we heave a sigh of relief and feel
like congratulating the one who does
the disagreeable duty for doing
great public service.