W G Miller and Violet M Miller St James Hotel circa 1926
December 03, 2013 07:03AM
I'm looking for a W G Miller and Violet M Miller, where W G Miller was the manager of the St James Hotel in 1926. I believe he could be my grandfather. My father was put up for adoption and my grandmother worked at the St James Hotel. I have the Knoxville City Directory for 1926 which lists him and letters from my family citing my grandfather likely being "Miller". My father's birth certificate is inaccurate though which makes this a bit more complicated. I guess in 1927 it was better to lie on the birth certificate... she put down she worked at the St James Hotel and a false name for herself and my grandfather who was listed as the manager of the St. James hotel. My father was adopted in 1930 in Washington DC and these are the only clues I have to go on... I'm sure someone is looking for an adventure...

My grandmother's name was Flossie Mae Watson, daughter of Alburn Watson, the violin maker from Knoxville.

If anyone can provide any help in figuring out who W G Miller and Violet M Miller are.... I'd really appreciate it. arshipley@gmail.com