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Julian Ralph DeMarcos or Joseph Ralph Demarcus

Posted by Jasmine 
Julian Ralph DeMarcos or Joseph Ralph Demarcus
October 07, 2010 11:38PM
Hello - new to the forum here... any info would be appreciated, even just suggestions for places we can look. We would also be interested in hiring a researcher if they can help us out.

My great-grandfather was born Joseph or Joe Ralph Demarcus but he also went by the name Julian Henry Ralph DeMarcos. We are very interested in finding out more about him, particularly finding his obituary, photos and any living relatives in TN. We have a copy of the 1880 census record with his family listed, and we have several court documents from various trials he was in.

He was born in Clinton or somewhere else in Knox County, TN and his parents were Robert and Sarah Demarcus. His siblings were John, James, Flora and Frances. Joseph was born sometime between 1867 to 1873 and lived a very colourful life.

He was a soldier in the Spanish American war, made his way from TN through several states, spent a while in Canada where he worked as a police informant, was found guilty of manslaughter and other lesser crimes, sentenced to life in prison but was soon placed in a mental hospital in Alberta, Canada and then transferred to a St. Elizabeths mental hospital in Washington DC before eventually being released and going back to Tennessee. We believe he went back to Knoxville and may have spent his remaining years there, possibly teaching somewhere.

He apparently had 3 wives - Francis, Molly, and Edith. We do not know if he had any surviving children other than my grandfather Earl (Edith's son).

Joseph died in 1958 and was buried in the Knoxville National Cemetery (the military cemetery).

Any leads are very much appreciated!