April 16, 2011 11:56PM
I have been on a desperate search for James W Jones He was born in 1818 in Tennessee. On the census records states he married in Arkansas and went to war between the states in Texas. His wife was Elizabeth Meadors. Her mother was a Melton. I can not seem to find out much else about James. Maybe someone has run across something they would share with me. I have know idea what his parents names were or which county he was born in. Thanks!
Re: Jones
June 19, 2011 05:31PM
I found this on

James W. Jones B. WFT est. 1795-1824 d. WFT est. 1845-1911
married:10 Mar 1840 Sumpter, Alabama
Elizabeth Meadors b. 9 Jan. 1824 Greene Co. Alabama d. May1878
parents: f. Clement Meadors 1801-1874
m. Olive Melton b. 1810 Georgia d. 1852 Hot Springs, Arkansas
Could not find parents of James W. Jones
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June 19, 2011 05:57PM
I found where Elizabeth Meadors Jones died. Navarro Co. Texas

children of James & Elizabeth are:
C. Jones female 1849
A. Jones 1853
M.N. Jones 1856
H Jones 1860
D Jones 1861
Lucy Jones 1863
It also said James b/d 1820-1871
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July 08, 2011 03:20PM
Please let me know where the info on her death came from. I have looked for years. When did she die?