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Posted by JERRYSR1946 
January 01, 2012 09:23PM
I am Jerry L. Cunningham, Sr b1946 in Knoxville, TN at the old General Hospital off Central Ave Knox TN 37917
I am researching genealogy in East TN on Ball, Cunningham, Irwin, Rogers, Underwood families more particularly on Cunningham and Underwood familys in Sevier and Knox County TN.

The oldest Cunningham I have is John Cunningham 1803-1880 +/- who married 1st unknown wife, but believed to be a descendant of the Rose family in East TN particularly Sevier County in the mid 1800's. Chldren from first unknown wife were (1). Langston Cunningham 1824-1904, (2). Sarah B. Cunningham 1825- ? m Solomon Hines Johnson (3) John Cunningham 1827 (4) Jane Doe Cunningham abt 1829 (5) William Miles Cunningham abt 1832 (6) Martha Cunningham abt 1834 (7) Nancy Cunningham abt 1834 (8) Wesley Cunningham abt 1837 (9) McCinsey Love Cunningham abt 1840 (10) James Hosea "Hosey" Cunningham abt 1843 then John's 1st wife died unknown and unknown why or how and John Cunningham 1803-1880 married (2nd) Sarah Ervin (Irwin)1829-1896 in Knox County, TN 1848 and had son #1 from this Cunningham / Ervin union was Dardis Benjamin Cunningham 1849-1920 then came Wiley H. Cunningham 3/15/1851-1931 then came Thomas Franklin Cunningham 1854-1935, William cunningham 1857, James Cunningham 1858, Zilpha Cunningham 1858, George Washington Cunningham abt 1860, Della Cunningham abt 1864 and Margaret Cunningham abt 1865

eMail from Alan Monday 12/24/2011 to Jerry Lennis Cunningham, Sr (Author of this genealogy ) about Sarah B. Cunningham 1825-?
Merry Christmas Jerry, I am Alan Monday. Sarah Cunningham, who I believe was Langston's sister, is my Great Great Grandmother. I am anxious to correspond with you about the Cunningham family. You can email me directly at monday_am@hotmail.com, I have spent a lot of time researching this family with a big assist from Carl York, a Knox County Genealogist. Langston Cunningham was the pastor that signed the marriage record for my Great Grandparents Jonathon Johnson and Malinda Bailey Johnson Message in Inbox
January 18, 2012 01:28PM
My wife, Susan Cunningham Hencin, is a descendant of M. Love Cunningham. We weren't sure of his first name, but your posting confirms both what we thought his name was as well as his father's name (John). Thanks in part to a "Cunningham Family Background" compiled by Susan's uncle in June 2000, we have a pretty good outline of the Cunninghams from M. Love to the present.
According to our information, M. Love was born 1/17/1840 in Sevier County, TN and died 2/21/1901 in Knoxville, TN. He was married to Nancy Robinson (apx. 1840 - 1899), a native of Blount County, TN. M. Love would have been my wife's great, great-grandfather.
I would be happy to share our Cunningham family information. Can you tell me how you are related to the John Cunningham lines?
Jim Hencin, Gainesville, FL
June 06, 2012 12:14PM
My great grandfather was "Hosey" Cunningham and he married Clementine Rice. They had two children, Maude Evelyn(my grandmother) and Edward. I don't know too much about this side of my family since my grandmother was unsure of who her grandparents were. In those days people didn't talk or care about such things. Please contact me if you have any information or if I could help in some way.
Sandra Rayfield Raef