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Posted by SKLarge 
June 25, 2010 11:11AM
I am trying to obtain documented proof that Nathaniel Wesley Emert (b. 1820) was the child of Daniel Emert (b. 1793). One idea I had was a copy of Daniel's obituary. Any other suggestions or help getting the documents would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Emert
August 15, 2010 11:58AM
Here is what I have on the Emert family of TN. Hope it is helpful in some way. I have the father of Daniel, born on 13 Jun 1793 as Frederick. Again, hope this is helpful. Nina McComas
The EMERT Family:
T he Emmerts are the family that settled Emmerts Cove, TN. Now Pittman Center, TN. All that's left is a Cemetery of Emmert's Cove. Frederick Emert (Emmert), Sr. 1754 married Barbara Ann Neidig(knight)(Nightish)and they had 9 children. Source: Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files; Volume I:A-E EMMERT, Frederick or Frederick Emert, Barbara, R3345, PA Line, a son Daniel Emert. Abt 6 Dec 1834 in Sevier Co., TN aged 56 and stated that sold 7 Jan 1829 and WD d 7 Jul 1842 leaving children: Barbary Shultz aged 66, Polly Shields aged 64, Elizabeth Roberts, Frederick Emmert, Jr., Margaret Shields, Daniel Emmert & Katherine or Catharin Evans, one Martin Shultz was a JP for Sevier Co.,. TN in 1844 but no relationship was stated. Sol & wife had Married in PA then moved to VA then moved to NC then to TN. Also known as Johan Friederich Emmert?? Frederick Emmert, the youngest son of Philip and Maria Catharina Kamm Emmert, was born in Richmond Township, Berks County, PA. Here he lived until his marriage. After his marriage to Barbara Ann Neidig, they settled in Rockland Township of Berks County, PA. Apparently he was apprenticed to learn the art of shoemaking. This was mentioned as his occupation. Frederick was a soldier of the Revolution. Apparently, he enlisted for a three year term as a private in the Pennsylvania regiment under Colonel Anthony Wayne from Berks County. This regiment was sent to reinforce Colonel Benedict Arnold's retreating army in May 1776. He was stationed at Fort Ticonderoga. Most likely he was in the Battle of Lake Champlain on October 11-13, 1776. Also he served in the Battle of Brandywine on Thursday, September 11, 1777 and in the Battle of Germantown on Saturday, October 4, 1777 as well as the other battles of the American Revolution. He was present at the Battle of Yorktown when Lord Cornwallis surrendered on Friday, October 9, 1781. He received an honorable discharge for his military service in the Continental army at the close of the American Revolution. His children filed a pension claim on his military service, but it was rejected for an unknown reason. He was listed on the 1779 and 1780 Tax lists for Rockland Township of Berks County, PA. He was only taxed for one cattle. His occupation on the tax lists was "cordwainer." Abt 1782, Frederick Emmert and his wife Barbara Ann Neidig took their family to Hampshire County, Virginia (now West Virginia) from Berks County, PA. From there, they migrated through the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia to Sullivan County, state of Franklin (later North Carolina, Now Tennessee). They paid a brief visit with his brother, George Emmert and family there. They then went on to Greene County, State of Franklin (later North Carolina, now Tennessee) from Sullivan County. On Thursday, July 12, 1792, he bought 200 acres of land for 30 Pounds currency from John Peeble in Greene County and was located on the watershed of Sinking Creek, a part of Nolachucky Rive. The he sold this same tract of land for 100 Pounds currency to Jacob Hise of Green County. Shortly after last recorded deed in Greene County, Frederick and Barbara Ann migrated to Sevier County, Territory of the United States of America South of River Ohio (now Tennessee) sometime in the latter part of 1795. They settled in the Emert Cove and Surrounding area, a part of the East Fork of Little Pigeon River. Records from Tennessee State Library & Archives in Nashville show he had made four entries (636 Acres, 105 acres, 57 acres and 87 acres) by the right of occupancy in the Emert Cove of Sevier County, TN. These were granted by the State of Tennessee on Saturday, June 23, 1810 and Wednesday, June 27, 1810. Frederick Emmert signed the "1813 Petition from South of Rivers Frenchbroad and Holston to the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee" for the redress on the validity of land claims. Frederick and Barbara Ann continued to live on their farm in Emert Cove until their death. Both of them were buried in the family graveyard on their farm. Then this graveyard was given to the Emert Cove Community as a public burying ground and was later names as Emert cove Cemetery. This cemetery is located on old Emert Cove Road in the town of Pittman Center today. It has been said that the late Edward Emert of Sevierville, TN had a family chest which was brought to Sevier County, TN from Pennsylvania circa 1795. This chest was given to Barbara Ann by her parents. The handwriting on the chest has puzzled many folks. Probably it is written in "Old German Script" and reads..."Barbara Neidigin, Anno 1772" (This is German version of name.) The foregoing is from "The Book of Reagans", pp. 414-416. Johann Philip Emert (Emmert)1709 married Maria Catherina Kamm and they had 11 children. The following information was provided by Jay Webb as being the parents of Frederick E. Emert Sr: Father: Johan George Emmert; B. 1716 in Leipzig, Germany; D 1796 Reading, Burks County, PA Mother: Eva Marie Gaff. They married in 1742 in Pennsylvania and had the following children: Daniel; Elizabeth (M. Henry Harkelrood); Jacob; Frederick E. (M. Barbara Ann Neidig); George (1757-1846), Mary Conley; and Leonard 1774-1804), M. Catherine Gunckle. Theis information presented for Johann Philipp Emert and Maria Catherina Kann/Kamp was published in "The Book of Ragan/Reagan", written by Donald B. Reagan (pp.413-416) as being the parent of Frederick E. Emert, Sr. Alias: Johanna Philip Emert Biography: The name Emmert/Emert is of German Origin. Johann Philipp Emmert is the paternal ancestor of the Emmert Brothers, Philip, Frederick and Daniel who married Ragan Sisters, Elizabeth, Sarah and Celia Drusilla, and sister Louisa who probably married a Ragan brother, Robert Nelson in Sevier County, Tennessee is believed to be Philip Emmert. He was born circa 1705/1710 probably in Germany. His parents are not known. He went to Rotterdam, Holland from his home place in Germany and boarded the ship "Alexander and Ann" for the trip to America by the way of Cowes, England. On Tuesday, 05 September 1730, he arrived in the town of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. About 1731 Philip Emmert was married to Maria Catharine Kamm, daughter of Johannes Caspar Kamm and Anna Catharina Franck, in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. Maria Catharine Kamm was baptized on Saturday, 23 December 1713 at Eppingen Reformed church in Eppingen, Germany. Philip Emmert and his wife Maria Catharine settled in Upper Hanover Township, Philadelphia County (now Montgomery County), Pennsylvania. He was listed as the sixth person on the "List of the Heads of Families Belonging to the Congregation of New Goshenhoppen Reformed Church" and was "elected to the duties of office" at the same church on Wednesday, 01 January 1738. The Parliament of Great Britain passed an act to allow foreign Protestants in the British Colonies in America to become naturalized citizens during the reign of King George II. On Wednesday, 16 August 1741, Philip Emmert took the oath of allegiance to Great Britain and the province of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. In late August 1741, he and his brother-in-law George Pfaltgraff made an overseas trip to visit Germany for their father-in-law Caspar Kamm for an unknown reason. They came home on the ship "St.Mark" on Tuesday, 26 September 1741 from Rotterdam, Holland by the way of Cowes, England. Philip Emert apparently had died before Friday, 28 May 1762 in Richmond Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. On that date, his wife Maria Catharina Kamm Emmert was appointed as administratrix of her husband's estate. There have been no other records found on the proceedings and the settlement of his estate there. There was no other records found on the proceedings and the settlement of his estate there. There was no further data on his wife Maria Catharina Kamm Emmert found after the last recorded entry. (1) Janet Beall Broadbent, Beall Broadbent Family Org., Inc., Los Altos, Ca 94022. Cites: (a) 'Marriages Goshenhoppen 1731-1790." FHL Film #49,585, item 1. (cool smiley "Early Marriages, Western Frederick Co., VA, ect, "by Garner & Triplett, FHL book #975/V25g, p 95. (c) "Pennsylvania German Pioneers," Vol. 1, by Strassburger (1966) p.36. (D) "Eighteenth Century Emigrants, " by Annette Kunselman Burget (Breiningsville, PA, PA German Soc., 1983) Vol. 1, p.187. (e)"Pennsylvania German Church Records," by PA German Soc (Genealogical Pub. Co., Baltimore, 1983) Vol.3, p.4,8-14,33. (f) "Thirty Thousand Names of Immigrants in Pennsylvania," p.64. (2) Phyllis Ellis, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Researched professionally by Lazenby, Salt Lake City, UT. Cites: (a) Records of New Goshenhoppen Church. 93) Peggy McKenzie, Grankenhausen, Germany (1999). Cites (a) New Goshenhoppen Reformed Church records, PA. (4) Grady E. Loy, Yokohama, Japan. E-mail: Rogercatron@email.msn.com (1999). Cites: (a)"Baptismal Book of Heads of Families in New Goshenhoppen compiled 1736-1739" (PA German Soc.) Vol.3 (cool smiley"Baptismal records at New Goshenhoppen, PA" (PA German Soc.). (5) Pennsylvania German Society, passenger list of Ship St. Mark, 26 Sep 1741, Transcribed 1999 for Immigrant Ship Transcribers Guild (http://istg.rootsweb.com/v2/1700v2, 1999). (6) Berks Co., TP 1752 Tax List, Amity Twp., transcribed (http//www.rootsweb.com/~GENHOME, 1999). (7) "Heritage Quest," Issue 48 (Nov/Dec 1993), "in Search of our "Puzzling" Emmert Ancestors, " by Nancy J. Emmert and Patricia Emmert Manning, p.47-53. Cites: (a) "A Collection of Thirty Thousand Names, Immigrants in Pennsylvania 1727-1776," I., David Rupp, 1927. (cool smiley"Autograph Collection of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, " Upper Hanover TWP., 2 Sep 151. Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. (c) "Selected Tax Records of Berks County, PA," comp. by Patricia Emmert Manning. (D)Wills and Administrations, Register of Wills, Berks Co., Courthouse, Reading, PA. (e) "A History of the Goshenhoppen Reformed Church,"Rev. William John Hinke, PA. (f) Records of Delong's Reformed Church, Maxatawny Twp., Berks Co., PA, and Christ Lutheran Church, Rockland Twp., Berks, Co., PA, researched by Helen Hewitt. (G) "The Journals and Papers of David Shultze, "Translated and Edited. by Andrew S. Berky, The Schwenkfelder library, Pennsburg, PA. 2 Vols. (h) Raymond Klein Notebooks, Schwenkfelder Library, Pennsburg, PA ! Birth: (1)1709/10. (2) Abut 1709. (2) s/o Jan (John) Emmit/Anjeltie Mattyse. (NOTE: source 1 says he came from Germany 1730. Source 2 says his parents were married 1690 in NJ, but says he took an oath in Philadelphia on the same date as given for the arrival date by source 1. One must be another John Philip Emmitt/Emmert/Emmet.)(3) Pfalz, Germany. Marriage to Maria Catherina Kamp (Kamm): (1,2) Abt 1730. (1) Upper Hanover Twp., Philadelphia Co., PA. (2,3a) Maria Catherina. (7) Maria Catherina Kamm Abt. 1731. Death sad smiley1)1762. (1,7d) Richmond Twp., Berks Co., PA (2) 28 May 172. (7d) By May 1762. (4) On trip to Germany in 1999, Grady Loy stopped in Bad Wimpfen, where there were Emmerts between 1620 and 1660. It is not far from Eppingen, where there were Kamms. It was a spa and was made part of an imperial city by Frederick Barbarossa W/o that it owed no feudal allegiance to the Dule of Schwabia or later the Dukes of Wurtemburg, Baden or the Count Palatine, who all owned bits of land in that area. At some point its imperial status was revoked and it was awarded to Hessedarmstadt. The province of hessedarmstadt came all the way down to the north bak of the Neckar Priver and within a few miles of Mossbach, which was and remains in Baden. There were more Emmerts in Mossbach and for a longer period of time, which is also where Loy/Lays lived. (1f,2) 1730, 5 Sep: (1f) Conrad Stamm and Johan Philip Emmert on a list of 45 Palatines with their families imported in the ship "Alexander and Anne, "William Clymer, Master, from Rotterdam, But last from Cowes. (1d) Gives same information except from Amsterdam, but last from Deal. Qualified 5 Sep 1730. (2) Took the oath of allegiance in Philadelphia, PA. (7a) Arrived in Philadelphia on the Alexander and Anne," 1730. (7b) Settled in Goshenhoppen area in Upper Hanover Twp. in what is now Montgomery Co., PA (7b,g,h) Johan Philip never owned land on which he lived for 20 years in Upper Hanover Twp. (4b) 1731, 21 Jan: Phillip Emmert and wife were witnesses to the baptism of Susanna Catherina, d/o John Adam Stadler, New Goshenhoppen, PA. (4b) 1734, 28 July: Joh. Phillip Emmert was witness to the baptism of Johannes, s/o Joh. Hut/Anna Maria. (4a)1736/9: (3aq) ca. 1736: (1e,3a,4a) Philip Emmert is head of a family belonging to the Congregation of New Goshenhoppen, Reformed, Upper Hanover Twp., Montgomery Co., PA. (4q) Also listed as heads of families were Johannes Hut, Caspar Kamm, Balthasar Hut. There were 45 in all. (5) 1741, 26 Sep: Philp Emmert and George Pfaltzgraff were Palatines imported on the ship "St. Mark" arriving at Philadelphia from Rotterdam, Capt. Wilson. (NOTE: Had he returned to Germany for some reason? (7b,g,h) The land he was living on in Upper Hanover Twp. was sold. (7c) ca. 1752: Moved to eastern Berks Co., PA and resided in Longswamp Twp. (1d) 1752: Philip Emmert was executor of The will of Johannes Caspar Kamm, New Hanover Twp., Philadelphia Co., PA Catharine Emert (ON)was daughter and heir. (6)1952: Philip Emert and Andreas Milshiegel taxed, Longswamp Twp., Berks Co., PA. (NOTE: Berks Co., PA created 1752. Longswamp Twp. created 1761 from Rockland Twp., which was created 1758 from Oley Twp., which was created 1740 while part of Philadelphia Co; this area would have been Oley Twp. in 1752.) (5,7c) 1758: George Emmert and John Philip Emmert taxed, Longswamp Twp., Berks Co., PA. (7d) 1762: George Emmert was listed a a bondsman in the probate of Johan Philip Emmert's estate, Berks Co., PA.
Re: Emert
April 12, 2011 11:24AM
Hello Cousin. My mother’s maiden name is Emert and I did a lot of research regarding her father and his family. In fact I put a book together with pictures of either the people or their headstones, when possible. An invaluable resource can be found in the Sevier County Library in downtown Sevierville. It’s called “Foot Prints On The Sands Of Time” by Ruby Catoo, 1030 Woolworth, Houston, TX, 77020 dated 1964. I Xeroxed EVERY page at the library so I have a copy. My e-mail address is shadyday@comcast.net if you would like to exchange info. I live in Knoxville, TN and have been able to glean a lot of info from my mother in the past, but who is now, at 85, in bad mental health. She never lived in Sevier County, but her daddy, Daniel Paul Emert, grew up in Emert’s Cove. According to my records, Nathaniel Wesley Emert (b. 7/20/1820, Sevier County, TN m. Hannah Emily Hill, Jefferson County, TN, and d 5/21/1905 in Sevier County, TN. My forefather Frederick Locke Emert was his brother. Hope this helps in your quest. Sincerely, Sharon
Re: Emert
April 25, 2011 10:10PM
My family also comes from Berks Co., PA. My ancestors include: John Leonard Emmert (1745-1805), and John Jorig (George) Frederick Emmert (1716-1796). Do you know if they are related to this group of Emmerts and how?