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Cunningham, Rice, and Rayfield

Posted by SandyR 
Cunningham, Rice, and Rayfield
June 20, 2012 05:28PM
My great grand father was William Hosea "Hosey" Cunningham married to Clementine RIce. They had two children, Maude Evelyn and Ed; Maude was my maternal grandmother. I think they might have lived in Sevier County at one time but I now for sure that they lived in Bradley County.
My paternal grandfather was either Henry Edward Rayfield or Edward Henry Rayfield and he married Lela Gates. I believe they lived in Sevier County, maybe somewhere called Greenbriar. They had a coal business in Bradley County too. They had 10 children and my father, Herman Lee Rayfield was one of them.
I'm looking for any information on either of these families, if someone knew them please contact me. Thank you
Re: Cunningham, Rice, and Rayfield
June 23, 2012 10:05AM

Is it possible that your great grandfather's name was James Hosea "Hosey" Cunningham? Unfortunately, there are several William H. Cunninghams who lived about the same time (late 1800's) in Tennessee, so it's not easy to pick out who might have been William Hosea Cunningham.

My wife is a descendant of McKenzie Love Cunningham, whose brother was James Hosea "Hosey" Cunningham; both men were born in Sevier County, TN.

Jim Hencin
Re: Cunningham, Rice, and Rayfield
August 07, 2012 02:28PM
I don't know for sure what his name was, it could be James. I know so very little about the Cunninghams. My grandmother, Maude Evelyn Cunningham did not even have a birth certificate, however, I know her birthdate was February 27, 1897. Her father, Hosey, was a very religious man and could possibly have been a pastor. I remember her saying her uncle adopted an Indian boy and that he fought in the Civil War. I don't know how I could go about finding if this was true or just a family legend. My children have started asking about their great grandmother and I haven't much to tell them.
Sandra Raef
Re: Cunningham, Rice, and Rayfield
August 11, 2012 01:52PM
Just to add to the possible family connection, James Hosea "Hosey" Cunningham lived in Bradley County, TN in 1900 and died there in 1905. If anything else turns up, I'll pass it along.