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Stratton Motel 1972-1977 Edna L Plavsich

Posted by desireetedford 
Stratton Motel 1972-1977 Edna L Plavsich
January 29, 2014 02:39PM
I am helping a person I recently came across to find out a little more about her mother. Read on and I certainly hope to find someone to shed some light on things.

My name is Michelle and I'm 41 years old. 2 beautiful girls and a wonderful husband. My story is long, but I will try to keep it short in a nut shell. I lost my mother when I was 5. She was only 36 years old. Ovarian cancer. I was then left with my father. He is was an alcoholic. My story is pretty nuts... We lived in pigeon forge, Tenn. My parents owned The Stratton Motel. I was not born there. When my mother died, my father didn't have the funds for a burial and he was a drunk.. I guess he had somewhat of a funeral, but not being able to pay for her services, I'm not really sure what they actually did with my mothers body. I spent countless years going to Pigeon forge looking for her grave but never found her or any findings. Finally at the age of 20 after returning from another trip trying to locate her.. My father fessed up. I guess I will never understand how one just leaves their loved one to die alone and her body tossed to wherever. I know it's not about the actually body per say, but I can't go to her grave and just lay by her or lay flowers down by her. Its hard enough not having my mother, but even worse when she wasn't properly placed to rest. My heart aches for her everyday. I'm asking for prayers to help this hole I can't forever fill. I'm asking for suggestions or well I don't know really. I went to gatlinburg last year, wrote her a note and put my note in a bottle. Sent it down the river. It didn't heal anything to be honest. Can you help me find some peace?
My mothers name was Edna Lee Lawrence (Plavsich) born in Orange County California. April 9 is her bday. My fathers name is Gerald Michael Plavsich. I was born dec 7th, 1972 in sevieville, tenn.