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Perry Ramsey & Ollie McCarter's Family

Posted by TGW_Qry 
Perry Ramsey & Ollie McCarter's Family
July 08, 2011 12:49AM
The following information was previously located at a Sevier County Library Web page that is no longer on-line. This page was located in an Internet Archive. The former URL is [www.sevierlibrary.org]


Perry Ramsey was born September 30, 1902, in Sevier County, Tennessee. Perry was the son of William Anderson (Anse) and Elvira (Whaley) Ramsey.

Perry married Ollie McCarter on May 12, 1925, in Knox County, Tennessee. Perry bought her wedding dress for $7.00 in 1925.

Ollie McCarter was born on April 8, 1904. Ollie was the daughter of Jacob Tyson McCarter and Ellen Estella Shultz. 

Ollie died on August 4, 1998, in Cocke County, Tennessee, and is buried at Webb's Creek Cemetery. Perry remarked, “I miss my Ollie, she has been gone nearly 3 years, she was a good wife!”

Perry says, “I’m still just a chunk of a boy at 99 years old. I remember when I was just a small one, I ran all over those mountains with my cousins. I remember when the park came and took our land! They took our land and our jobs. There was nothing for anyone to do, so people moved away from here!” (from 2001 interview with Ray Phillips)

Perry and Ollie are the parents of the following children:

Nadine Ramsey was born November 25, 1925, she died July 31, 1927. She is buried at Webb’s Creek Cemetery.

Wanda Ramsey was born November 3, 1927, Wanda married Wilbert Tutsch on May 28, 1949. 

Wilma Ramsey was born on April 17, 1929. Wilma married Clyde Graves on July 28, 1949.

Helen Ramsey was born on October 15, 1930. Helen married Jack King on May 28, 1954. Jack King was born on August 30, 1930, and died on March 1, 1997. Jack is buried at Webb's Creek Cemetery.

Fred Ramsey was born April 25, 1932. Fred married Maryvene Taylor. Fred died on January 30, 2000, in Cocke County, Tennessee.

Ruth Ramsey was born on April 15, 1934. 

Wanda married Haskell Pressnell on July 24, 1953. She is the twin sister to Ruby; she is nicknamed “Little One” because she was the smaller of the twins.

Ruby Ramsey was born on April 15, 1934. Ruby married Byron Burdette on July 2, 1971. Ruby is the twin sister to Ruth; she is nicknamed “Big One” because she was the larger of the twins. 

Mayford Ramsey was born April 19, 1936. Mayford married Dorothy Jean Kugley on August 27, 1965 in Bryson City, North Carolina.

Sam Ramsey was born on March 14, 1938. Sam married Ava (Vickers) Folsom on November 10, 1979 in Valdosta, Georgia.

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