Lillard Grisham (son of James Ira Grisham
November 23, 2013 11:18AM
Was Lillard Grisham the son of James Ira Grisham (31 May 1875 - 14 Oct 1942) & his 1st wife Minnie Lou "Ethel" McKinney or his 2nd wife Lillie Blair?

I have Lillard as a brother to Effie, William Oscar, Thurman Monroe, Theodore "Ted" Rosevelt, & Lena Grisham. He was born 28 Apr 1900 in TN & died 22 Jun 1962. He married Carrie Esto Dickens (8 Dec 1908 - 25 Dec 1945). Their children were: James Alvin, Emma, & Willie Grisham.

A Lillard is also listed as son of Lillie Blair & a brother to Ina Lee Grisham who married Chester Lee Lynch. Are they the same person?

Kim (Grisham) Fox