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Info on Thomas Jefferson Knight

Posted by cbayley 
Info on Thomas Jefferson Knight
April 02, 2011 04:13PM
The 1880 census shows TJ Knight , b 1852, living in the same household as Carie Nan Bryant. Smith County records show their marriage in 1881. I cannot find any record of TJ Knight prior to 1860. Some of my family records indicate TJ's parents as Montague Knight and Louisa West. TJ's death certificate shows father Knight and mother West but Smith County records do not show Montague having a son TJ and in fact show a daughter Sarah born in 1852/53. TJ named a child Walter Montague Knight. Help?
Re: Info on Thomas Jefferson Knight
April 27, 2011 02:52PM
Charles: I am a descendant of the Knight family in Smith County TN.

This is what I have on your line of Knight's: ( Research of Mary Knight and Patti Knight Sedillo)

Known children of John E. Knight and Mary A (Unknown)

Margaret J. Knight b about 1841 TN
Lewis Knight b about 1844 TN
Matilda E. Knight b about 1846 TN
Jesse Knight b about 1849 TN
Thomas Knight born about 1856 TN

Known children of John E. Knight and Mary E. (Cotton)

Ellis James Knight born abt 1862 TN
John H. Knight born about 1873 TN

John E. Knight was born about 1818 in TN. He married Mary A. before 1840. She was born abt 1823 place of birth unknown. Although there is no solid proof as yet that John E. Knight was the son of Ellis E. Knight, the fact that the 1840 Smith County census shows him living next door to Ellis when he first came of age, indicates that he may well have been. The ages of John and Mary A. in the 1850 census fit with those of John E. "Night" in the 1840 census.

Ellis E. Knight was born about 1798 in Granville County, North Carolina and died between 1872 and 1880. He married Susanna (unknown) before 1850. Her last name may have been Clement but not proven. Susanna was born about 1798 in North Carolina and died before 1880 in Tennessee. She may have been Ellis' second wife.

Children of Ellis E. Knight and ____?

John E. Knight born about 1818 TN
Emily Knight born 1821-1823
William C. Knight born about 1828 TN
Montague Knight born about 1830 TN
Abram M. Knight born about 1833 TN

John Knight born about 1760 in Lunenburg County Virginia and died 19 October 1843 in Smith County Tennessee
He served abpit 15 months in the Revolutionary War as a private in the North Carolina militia. John married Martha Montague on 29 March 1788. Martha, daughter of Latane Montague and Catherine Young was born about 1758 in Virginia and died 9 September 1838 in Smith County Tennessee. In 1790 John Knight was listed in the census as head of household in Abraham Plains District, hillsborough District, Granville County, North Carolina. Sometime between 1811 and 1815 he moved his family from North Carolina to Jackson County Tennessee. On 17 November 1815 Ellis Beasley of Smith County, TN sold to John Knight of Jackson County TN 188 acres of land north of the Cumberland River in Smith County.

In 1820 John's household consisted of himself, Martha, sons William and Henry, daughter Martha "Patsy" and 9 slaves. His son Ellis E. Knight and family were living next door. John Knight is not found in the 1830 census although he is known to be living in Smith County at the time.

Child of John Knight and unknown

Jonathan Knight born before 1788

Children of John Knight and Martha Montague:

Thomas Latane Knight b abt 1790 NC (My gr gr grandather)
Catherine Young Knight "Caty" born abt 1795 NC
Ellis E. Knight born abt 1798 NC
Charlotte M. Knight b abt 1799 NC
William Montague Knight born ca 1802 NC
Henry M. Knight born ca 1803 NC
Martha M. Knight "Patsy" born ca 1806 NC

Jonathan Knight born between 1727 and 1731 in Lunenburg County VA and died in 1809 in Granville Co. NC. He married Judith Woodson 23 February 1757 in Goochland Co. VA. Judith daughter of Joseph Woodson and Elizabeth (Unknown) was born abt 1741 in Henrico or Goochland Co. VA.

Jonathan and Judith were the parents of 8 children named in Jonathan's will signed Oct 1807 and probated November 1809.

Children of Jonathan Knight and Judith Woodson:

Elizabeth Knight b 1759
John Knight born ca 1760 VA
William Knight born 1762
Sarah W Knight born 1776
Woodson Knight
Rachel Knight
Judith Knight
Mary Knight "Polly"

Capt John Knight of Brunswich and Lunenburg Counties wa born 1700 in Surry Co. VA and died in 1772 in Lunenburg Co. VA. He married Elizabeth Woodson, daughter of Robert Woodson Jr and Rachel Watkins.

John Knight and Elizabeth Woodson were the parents of 1l children who were named in John's will signed 7 Sept 1771 and probated 12 March 1772.

Children of John Knight and Elizabeth Woodson:

Jonathan Knight b 1727-1731 VA
William Knight b 1730 VA
Charles Knight b 1737 VA
John Knight b 1738 VA
Peter Knight b 1743 VA
Woodson Knight b `752-1757 VA
Joseph Knight
Rachel Knight
Judith Knight
Mary Knight
Elizabeth Knight

Charles: This is an outline of what is in the Knight family genealogy. If you have any questions, please email me and I will let you know if I have an answer.