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Henry, Stewart County and the Mobley's

Posted by VM1138 
Henry, Stewart County and the Mobley's
September 04, 2010 01:05PM
Hello, I'm not from Tennessee and I can't seem to find an answer to any of my questions online.

I'm conducting genealogy research on the Mobley family that resided in Stewart County. The head of this particular branch was named Jerry (Jeremiah) Mobley and he was born in 1838 and died in 1912. Now, in using pilot.familysearch.org, I can find two records for Jerry's death. They contain the same information except for one lists his birthplace as Henry, Tennessee and the other Stewart. It doesn't indicate whether it's Henry County or Henry city or whatever.

So, here's my question:

Was there a Henry, Tennessee in Stewart County prior to the Civil War? The Census records (1850 and on are the ones I have found) don't list what part of Stewart County he lived in.

What do you think could explain the discrepancy? As I mentioned, all other details are the same so it's clearly the same person but in two different birthplaces.

If it helps, he did for a time live in Smith, Tennessee with who I assume to be his aunt and uncle.

Appreciate any insight!
Re: Henry, Stewart County and the Mobley's
February 18, 2011 07:53PM
Go to following site www.tennessee.gov/tsla/history/places/postoff2.htm#h this is a list of all of Tennessee's post offices throughout the years. There is no Henry PO in Stewart County listed. Jerry may have a brother or at least kin located in the Mobley Cemetery in Stewart County TN. go to www.findagrave.com locate mobley cemetery in Stewart Co. an you will find an A. N. Mobley 1849-1915 with a photo of his headstone. Hope this is of some help.