Amos Jackson or sallie ann austin jackson
December 19, 2010 04:16AM
I can't seem to find my greatgrandparents so here is some information if you could help i'd appreciate it.
My father: Roy Thurman (spike) Jackson born may 28th 1928 died Sept. 12, 1974 His father Columbus Jefferson (CLAUDE OR Little Jack) Jackson borned Dec,. 3 1903 . Died May 1973. His mother: Zona Pearl Austin borned Dec. 5, 1905. Died Jan. 5th 1961. I'm assuming they were both borned in Indian Mound,Tenn. My great grandparents on my grandfather's side is GGF. Amos(Amous) T, (?) Jackson. He was 42 in 1910 according to the 1910 federal cenus GGM. is Sallie Ann Austin Jackson she was 26 in 1910 according to the 1910 census. I can't find anything on them before that. My great grandparents on my grandmother's side is GGF: George Robert Austin. Borned???? Died ???? He went by the name of Robert. GGM. is Dossie Elizabeth Lizzie Powers Austin Borned??? Died May 31, 1973. A few years after great-grandpa Robert died great-grandma Dossie married a man by the name of John Haynes. he died in the mid 60's . My family lived on commissary ridge in Indian Mound, Tenn. and most of them are buried in the Austin Cementary at the top of Howard Hill (I think that's what they called it) at the begining of the ridge at the top of the hill on the right, just off the old 79 goes toward norfleet grocery at club creek. My father's only sibling was a sister named Irene E. Jackson borned in 1930 and died in 1976.
some of my grandfather's siblings are Cyrus, Andrew, Taft, Lois, Avis. Ellen.( I think that's all of them.) My grandmother's sibling's are Alvin, Oscar, Ray, Elbert, Geroge Austin. Did I miss one? Most of the extented family lives there on the ridge or in the Hollow. Maybe in Clarksville now.
My Jackson-Austin and Milikien Family helped to build Plesant Grove Missionary Baptist Church. Any info you can help me with would be greatly appreciated. Thank You,