Littleberry HAMILTON and Sarah "Sally" POTTS
May 02, 2010 09:45PM
I am looking for information on the ancestors of Littleberry HAMILTON (b. 6/5/1789 NC, d. 1/24/1866 TN) and Sarah "Sally" POTTS (b. 10/15/1800 SC; d. 7/9/1863 TN). They lived most of their lives in Stewart County and are buried in Hooks Cemetery on the KY/TN line.

We don't know who their parents were. Some people have reported that "LB" HAMILTON was the son of Thomas HAMILTON (b. 1758 NC; d. 1833). Some people have reported that Sally POTTS was the daughter of Joseph POTTS (b. 1780 SC; d. 1860+ MS).

Perhaps their death records would indicate their parents names. Is that information available?


Jim Hermann