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Hinson's of Hohenwald and surrounding areas

Posted by Laurel720692 
Hinson's of Hohenwald and surrounding areas
September 30, 2013 12:45PM
Hello! My name is Laurel and I'm looking for information about the Hinson's of Hohenwald and surrounding areas in Lewis County.

I am just now starting my search for information on the Hinson line. My grandmother was born Pearly Jane Dora Lee Hinson (1924-2011) in Hohenwald, Lewis County, TN. She was the daughter of Tony Hinson (1889-1927) and Ida Turner Hinson (1895-?), Tony was the son of Polk Hinson (1868-1931) and Drucilla Spears Hinson (1869-1920). Tony and Ida had 5 children total. Cecil (1915-1991), Edward (1917-1943), James Floyd (1920-1977), Douglas (1922-2004) and my grandmother.

My grandmother's story is a bit complicated. Here is what I know: My dad told me that when my grandmother was about 3 years old, her father was murdered. The rumor was that it was one of his brothers that shot him and it was over an argument about a whiskey still. I know that after Tony's death, the town stepped in and took the children from Ida and had them placed with other families. Apparently, the town felt that Ida could not take care of the children. Officially, my grandmother and her brother Douglas were adopted (and kept together) by Walter Lee Hensley and his wife Pansy Flora (Ross) Hensley. For some reason they changed my grandmother's name to Elsie Lee Hensley, but kept Douglas as Douglas, changed surname to Hensley. The other boys were separated and placed with other families. I don't believe the other 3 boys were officially adopted (maybe because they were older?) as they are listed on census records as "boarders" or "lodgers" and never took on another surname, but maintained the Hinson name.

The other 3 boys were able to find my grandmother and her brother, Douglas, many, many years later. This is how, I believe, my grandmother had heard the story of Tony and how he died. I did a lot of research this weekend and found Tony's death certificate, which states the COD as: "Found in woods with a gun bullet hole in back, between shoulder blades." I also found a newspaper article that discussed the details of his death, how he had been found, by whom, etc. Basically it gave a pretty decent timeline of events for that day. Here is the link: [genealogytrails.com] The names are in alpha order, so just scroll down until you find Tony. I have no clue if the rumor is true about his death being caused by a brother and I don't know why my grandmother's brothers believed that. Given that fact that it was the time of prohibition and Tony was a bootlegger, it could have been anyone! I would love to know more about him, his death, family rumors, as I find it very interesting. The funny thing is, if Tony had not been killed, my grandmother probably would not have been adopted, moved to Oklahoma with her adoptive family, and met my grandfather! I pointed out to my dad that as sad and tragic as Tony's death was, we wouldn't be here if it hadn't of happened!

My grandmother was always very interested to know about the people she came from as are my dad and myself. Any information/stories/photos anyone can share with us about the Hinson's would be so much appreciated!
Re: Hinson's of Hohenwald and surrounding areas
January 15, 2014 05:52PM
Hello.My mom was a Hinson from Hohenwald.Her name Was Carlene Hinson,her moms name was Ophelia..Im also looking for other Hinsons.Im trying to trace my family tree. Thanx June
Re: Hinson's of Hohenwald and surrounding areas
December 27, 2014 04:40PM
Drucilla is kin to me on my Husband side of the Family. I am looking for information on Elizabeth McNabb Hinson wife of George Hinson, She passed away in 1929 also infant. Would love to locate Obit of her and her 2 Brothers, Thomas "Buford" and James Marshal McNabb. Brothers are buried at Pisgah Cemetery in Maury County, TN.
Re: Hinson's of Hohenwald and surrounding areas
January 07, 2015 03:40PM
I have some information on the Hinson families. Need more information on Tony and family to be able to tie to him and make sure I have the right connection.
Re: Hinson's of Hohenwald and surrounding areas
February 08, 2015 05:25PM
Hello My name is Tammie Jo Hinson I am Cecil F.Hinson & Stella Mae Hinson Grandaughter My Great Grandpa was Tony Hinson & Elihue was his Brother I am from Hohenwald Tennessee..Wanted to respond to your post...
Re: Hinson's of Hohenwald and surrounding areas
February 08, 2015 05:37PM
I know that I heard that my great grandmother Ida got very sick and had to go to a hospital to get better and she put her kids in a home for kids until she could get better and go after them as they agreed also and then later as soon as my grandpa cecil becaome a adult boy they sent him to a farm to work and then his mom found him and they went after the other children and they had adopted them out...My father Harold Hinson is Cecil's son and he had other children Barbara Hinson Cullum she passed away,Francess,she had her 1st name changed to Teddi knowes hinson,Calvin Hinson,Harold Hinson my father,Ronny Hinson, Kenny Hinson,Passed away at 41 to cancer Yvonne Hinson, Larry Hinson also Family was Famous Gospel Group call the Original Hinson's we are you Family....and they all had many kids and grand kids...you can find us all on fb....R you still looking...
Re: Hinson's of Hohenwald and surrounding areas
February 08, 2015 06:04PM
How would I send you pictures...My name is Tammie Jo Hinson I'm 42 yrs old Ah,grandpa tony was shoot in the back and found laying in the creek with his hat on his face as he was sun bathing..he did share a steel with his brother elihue hinson they are barried at himes cemetery of hwy 20 summertown hwy..plz contact me on fb if you receive this...they all keep his death hush hush here due to other family members now don't believe it happened that way Virginia Berry thinks her dad Elihue didn't do it...I cant tell you what I heard Henry Spears family member was young at the time was with a bunch of men they stopped into the steel for a drink and tony was alive they left they say a girl was involve she was having relations with both brothers now this is just what I heard you go from there..she was meeting each at different times maybe either came up on other and....who knows. but My Grandpa Cecil I guess 11 or 12 yrs old said mom its getting late and dad isn't back yet from steel well it was a real walk away grandpa cecil said usually he head back before it gets dark will it was about dusk so he mentions it to his mom she said go tell your uncle elihue to go get him...well he go to tell him and he said ok he went out then wasn't long he was back my grandpa cecil said to him you didn't go your still here he slapped him in the face and said don't you talk to me that way BOy....and grandpa ran home crying told his mom she went over there to confront him..so my Grandpa Cecil said he went down to the steel as he was running he looked over cliff and saw his daddy laying back down in the creek with his hat on his face as he was sleeping and resting..so he ran back and told his mom his daddy was dead...later I met a old ladie that said to me your that his girl they found your great granddaddy murdered I said yes...thought it was odd.. but she said they lived in a rual area no many home near by but they was the close house near the steel so they took grandpa Tony to her house she was little then and remember the dead man on her kitchen table...that's all I know they lived on the natchez trace parkway back then it wasn't a state park he told my brother which has passed how to find their home in the woods my brother found it then it was still standing and that was the 80's it was a old shed..he went again later on a some one knocked it down...
others say that grandpa wasn't killed by his brother...they had a trial and all the evidents burned up nothing to prove it...but the old gun was still hot on the mantle so they say...Grandpa said he say it as a adult on Virginia Berry wall years later and she said they gun didn't belong to Tony it was her Daddys which she didn't know much of just hear say cause she wasnt born til after trial..so she thinks her daddy isn't guily of it...she thinks some one else did it...that's why grandpa cecil said not to talk of it...well on story of the young 15 yr old women that was involved with both brothers (affair)what was strange they moved her out of town soon after he was murder so she would be involved in it...My Grandparents went to her years later and asked her ? of it she said to let sleeping dog lie... what ever that meant she wasn't going to talk..hope this all makes since...I don't know how long ago you put this post up..hope to hear from you...
Re: Hinson's of Hohenwald and surrounding areas
October 29, 2015 05:38PM
Hello Tammie Jo! I just now saw all of these replies to my post! I was never notified that anyone had replied, so my apologies in my lateness!

I am so excited to connect with you! I think I just sent you a friend request on Facebook. I can be reached there, too. My Facebook link is: [www.facebook.com]

I can also be reached via email: laureldlane@hotmail.com

I do hope you see this, and my friend request, as I am so looking forward to speaking with you!!