Alabama descendent seeks information about Tennessee/Kentucky Pinions
December 14, 2012 02:01PM
My family and I are trying to find the burial site of a relative, J.R. Pinion, birth place/date unknown, death date about 1899-1900 somewhere in Tennessee. I have reason to believe his family originally hailed from Kentucky, but somehow he ended up in Alabama. In Bessemer, AL, he married his first wife, Julia Shaw (they had three daughters before she died abt 1895). He then married his second wife, Mary/Maggie (Cox), who already had a son (Arthur Hill) from a previous marriage. They traveled to Ducktown, TN from Bessemer. J.R. Pinion worked as a miner, and was the father of John Oscar Pinion, who was born shortly before or after J.R.'s death by pneumonia. Where is he buried? What county did he die in? Any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated, thank you!