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James Louis Westerman(n)

James Louis Westerman(n)
March 09, 2013 07:17AM
J L Westerman was born in Tennessee. City/Town unknown between 1850-1854. He ranaway as a teenager and moved to Texas. He corresponded with a brother that moved to Pike Co, Arkansas. The story was he was of German descent. His mom was Cherokee. Name unk. When she died his father remarried a German woman. Name unk. She would always beat on him when his father was not around. When his father and a brother joined the military (confederate army I think don't know) she threatened to beat him even more since he had no protection so he left. When leaving he saw a brother in a wagon going to the mill. He called out to him. The brother said that they thought James Louis was dead - eaten by wild hogs. So family may think he died but he didn't. He had a big family in Texas. You can find him on familysearch.org in Falls County, TX & Williamson County, TX. Will share all our info. He married Katherine "Kate" Linder. familysearch.org sometimes erroneously lists her as "Cute" guess they couldn't read the writing of the census taker.

A cousin of mine in Texas said his dad heard that J L Westerman was complaining that his name was too long and removed an n from Westermann.

I don't know how to find you Tennessee/Arkansas folks so I hope some family genealogist finds us. I know I feel abandoned in Texas to not be able to get past my great grandfather who carries our family name. I have so much on our other family surnames but I am stuck here.

I had been trying to get a hold of a Wendy Westeman-Holt since that is an active name I found on the Internet that looks for other Westermans from Tennessee but her emails never worked for me.

Mary Ruth Westerman, Austin, Texas