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Posted by gloriamlh 
March 02, 2012 06:19AM
I dont want to offend anyone and i do not know if this may interest someone or not but i am interested in it and so thought i would share. i had an ancestor who owned slaves before the civil war. what i found distasteful was the references in books and movies such as GWTW that refer to the nursemaid as a 'mammy' Even to the point of calling the woman MAMMY instead of her name. then as i was researching this i realized ... how many times does a child call his mother by her name? and these women were the primary mother figure in their charges lives ...recently seeing the movie THE HELP also brought this home in a very meaningful way. anywày i do not know my ancestors slaves names, but if their old masters werent so aweful to them maybe someone took their surname so i thought id post for any african americans who are looking for the surnames ONEAL AND MOSELEY may want to look and research in the area of Shelbyville bedford co tn, marshal co tn, and red river tx.thank you.

thank you.