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Looking for parents of Andrew McMillan

Posted by etrisch 
Looking for parents of Andrew McMillan
November 01, 2011 11:18AM
I have hit a brick wall with my ggggrandfather Andrew McMillan b. 1802/1807 died 1838 or before 1850. He apparently married Catherine Wilson about 1835. Andrew McMillan was b. 1806 d. before 1850. They had a child, my gggrandfather, Andrew Wilson McMillan b. 1838 d. 1903. There are several researchers that state Catherine Wilson Married Andrew McMillan. One such reference is "You Take It From Here" by Marshall A. Wilson. I have not found any marriage certificates. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Andrew W. McMillan was raised by his grandparents Isaac Wilson and Sarah Shook. He can be found living in their household on the 1850 census, however, his name is listed as Andrew Wilson. Mary Wilson, Andrew's aunt, is also listed under the household in 1850. Mary can also be found in Andrew's house hold in the 1860 and 1870 census.

One other question. What is the likelihood that someone by the same name [Andrew McMillan] have the exact birth and death years [1802 - 1838] and buried in the same town [Knoxville]? There is an Andrew McMillan buried in the First Presbyterian Church of Knoxville, TN with the same exact dates in years as to when my Andrew McMillan was alive and deceased. He is buried next to Mary who died in 1825. This could have been Mary Littleford. If this is the same Andrew he could have married Catherine Wilson after Mary died. -Just wondering if that is a likely possibility. If so, then it is possible that Alexander McMillan b. 1749 d. 1837 and Margaret McMillan b. 1764 d. 1836 are his parents. Alexander McMillan is buried in the McMillan Cemetery in Knox Co., TN.

Houston, TX
Re: Looking for parents of Andrew McMillan
July 11, 2012 01:28PM
Should anyone come across this I wanted to do a follow up post. Andrew McMillan that was born in 1802/1803 and died 23 Sept 1838 is the son of Alexander and Margaret McMillan who married Mary Littleford. This Andrew is buried in the First Presbyterian Church of Knoxville next to Mary. My 4th great grandfather Andrew McMillan was born 1791 in Ireland and died in Clark, Illinois 31 Aug 1838. He married first Margaret Reagan in 1814. From this marriage they had 4 children: John Reagan McMillan, Elizabeth Jane McMillan, Sarah Ann McMillan and James Richard McMillan. After Margaret's death in 1835 (and probably died during or after giving birth to James) he then married Catherine Wilson and had my 3rd great grandfather Andrew Wilson McMillan.

After Andrew's death Catherine then married Russel R. McBath in 1841. Catherine died in 1844 apparently from a fever.

Andrew (4th great grandfather) departed from Dublin, Ireland in May of 1804 on the Ship Diligence with his parents John (b. 1754 d. 1813) and Mary (or Jean, might have been a nickname, since this is the way she is mentioned in John's Will) McMillan (b. 1754) and his siblings Alexander McMillan (b. 1782 d. 1826), who m. Barbara/Barberry Wilson/Willson in Ireland, Jonathan McMillan Jr. (b. 1784 d. 1874), Thomas McMillan (the ship records shows he was born in 1788, however, the gravestone says 1786; d. 1858), who married Sarah Raegan in Knox Co., TN, William McMillan (b. 1786), who married Elizabeth Reed in Knox Co., TN, and his sister Easter/Esther McMillan (b. 1796 d. 1850), who married Thomas Baker in Knox Co., TN.

All this information has been confirmed by records, estate records, census records and ship records. Should anyone have any more information on this family it would be greatly appreciated. There are some who believe that John McMillan's (father to Andrew) birth year is 1735 due to the McClung collection. I do not agree with this age considering the dates of which the children were born and the ship passanger record that shows the birth year of 1754. Furthermore, John paid his last Poll Tax in 1808, which would put his birth year at 1754-1758. Should anyone have documented proof that his birth year is 1735 I would be open to seeing it.
Re: Looking for parents of Andrew McMillan
February 21, 2014 03:03PM
Thank you for your follow-up post. That is very helpful. Esther McMillan and Thomas Baker are in my line.

Doug Showalter