Looking for parents of William Hollingsworth, son of Anna and Mr. H
January 16, 2013 10:47AM
William Hollingsworth (abt 1814 - bat 1880), married Martha (Baker) in 1831 in Grainger County. They lived in and around Grainger County for the majority of their lives. His mother's first name was Anna. First name of his father, Mr. Hollingsworth, is unknown.

1) Anna (born ~ 1794 in VA or TN) married Mr. HOLLINGSWORTH around 1812, possibly in Grainger County. Children: William (born ~ 1813), Josiah (born ~ 1817), Rebecca (born ~ 1820) in Grainger County.
2) Anna married William C. Parker in 1824. Children: Nathan, Elizabeth, Lucy Ann.
3) Anna married Joseph BEELER (widower) in 1834 in Grainger County.
4) Anna married Valentine Felps/Fulps/Fultz (widower) 1851 in Claiborne County.
5) Anna was living on her farm in Grainger County with her oldest son William Hollingsworth in 1867.
6) Anna buried in either "Beeler Cemetery" or Liberty Hill Cemetery (may refer to same cemetery).

Seeking Anna's maiden name, Mr. Hollingsworth first name, location of Anna's grave insofar as it may provide her maiden name and exact dates of birth and death.