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Who are the parents of John Cunningham?

Posted by maccunningham 
Who are the parents of John Cunningham?
August 11, 2010 04:01PM
Who are the parents of John Cunningham?

Genealogy Objective
The overall objective is to build on the below “thumbnail sketch” and find the names of John Cunningham’s parents.

Key dates:
Born 13 Sept 1792 VA; married Sarah Jane Swindle 6 May 1812 in Warren County, TN ; Captain in War of 1812; died 12 October 1858; buried Cunningham Cemetery at Rock Island, Warren County, TN

John Cunningham’s birthplace (perhaps VA?), siblings and parents names are presently unknown.

What we do know
Goodspeed's Tennessee History of Warren County DID NOT include John's parents name yet stated his father was of Scotch-Irish descent, in the American Revolutionary War and migrated from Virginia to Warren County, TN ca 1797-1810.

John’s story begins as a young man ca1810 at Rock Island in Warren County, TN. He acquired land in both Warren and White counties TN. John Cunningham was in the War of 1812 in 1st Regiment West Tennessee Militia (13 Nov 1814-13 May 1815).

The name "John Cunningham" is listed as an early settler of Rock Island, Tennessee in the book "McMinnville at a Milestone, 1810-1960" by Walter Womack, 1960, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 60-5199, Chapter 8, page 151 as quoted from the Blanche Bentley papers.

John and Sarah Jane (Swindle) Cunningham had 4 children to live to adulthood:
1- William 10 b Sept 1816 d 27 Sept 1854; m Ann Neal
2- Sarah Elizabeth b 1818(?) d 1867; m George Marlin McWhirter
3- George W. (Washington) b 16 June 1821 d 21 Dec 1899; m Sarah Adaline Hennessee
4- John Cunningham III b 16 Jan 1824 d 1862; m Martha Qualls Greenfield

There are no authentic genealogy records or y-DNA genetic connection to this John Cunningham with either John Cunningham of Viola Community, Warren County, TN or John Cunningham of Irving College Community in Warren County, TN. They all share the same state of Virginia as point of origin, exact given and surname but different migration routes and genetic heritage.

John Cunningham of Rock Island, Warren County, Tennessee descendants y-DNA Haplogroup is I2b1. Lineage 3, C-41.

John Cunningham was known in the Rock Island community as a Christian, Husband, Father, Pioneer, Patriot, Farmer, Tanner, Carpenter, Blacksmith, Distiller, Democrat and Grandfather.

John’s abilities and attributes are in part due to his parents. Who are they?
Re: Who are the parents of John Cunningham?
January 01, 2012 01:14PM
I have Cunningham's in my family tree in Ireland. I am I2B1 haplotype I was wondering if maybe we are a match?