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My family roots

Posted by wallacelatonya 
My family roots
June 19, 2011 07:16PM
Hi, my name is Latonya Wallace, I am the grandchild of Lucille Wallace Gordon/Napier, and the great grandchild of Mary Lipscomb-Gordon, and I found out a lot of information joining ancestry.com on a free-trial a few months ago. I found out that my great grandmother's mother name was Laura Pruitt, her mother was named Mariah Gaston, and her grandmother name was Ida Mae Gaston born in 1800-1907. I also found out Ida Mae Gaston was a mixture of black, white,and American Indian, I'm not sure of what of what tribe, and I have been very curious to know more about my family roots. My grandmother Lucille Gordon raised me and Iearned a lot from her on the name of my great grandmother, and different stories of me having a long great grandmother that was mixed with Indian. When i did research I found out what her name was, I am also aware tht she lived in Fort Deposit, Al majority of her life, but she had her daughter Mariah Gaston in Tennessee. I could not find out what county, information was limited to the state of Tennessee where she was born, I also could not find out who were the parents of Ida Mae Gaston, who had Indian blood, her birth place, and husband showed unknown as well. If anyone could provide me with further information on these people so I can trace back further and find out more information on my family roots, I will be forever grateful. I am not sure,but as I have learned a lot of history concerning the trail of tears, and knowing my great great great great grandmother resided in Tennessee Ida Mae Gaston, where her first daughter was born Mariah, I wonder why she moved away, and whether she had family members who suffered this horrific event.