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Ausley Reason shot and killed

Posted by Dlm5364 
Ausley Reason shot and killed
February 06, 2014 06:51AM
June 17,1951 my great uncle Ausley Reason (married to Verbie Taylor and had Truman, Douglas, Aby, Marshall, Genrose, D.W., Gladys and Dorris) was found shot in a car or truck. I don't know the location of where this happen.

I am looking for any newspaper writing or police report or anything about this. I am trying to figure out who the sheriff was in June 1951. I was told several different names.

I am NOT trying to cause problems and anything. I just want to know what happen and etc......

I just like to know who my great uncle was.
Re: Ausley Reason shot and killed
March 23, 2014 03:39PM

On ancestry.com, I found the death certificate for Aussie Raines Reasons, died 17 June 1951 in Crockett County. His father was William Reasons, mother was Eugenia Oliver.

This man died from "cerebral hemorrage" due to "arterio sclerosis".

The informant is Douglas Reasons.

If this is your great uncle then it's great news - he wasn't shot and killed!
Re: Ausley Reason shot and killed
March 26, 2014 07:09AM
Yes, he was shot and killed June 17,1951.
My family was in California when they got the called that Aulsey was shot and killed.
We are looking to see how and why.

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