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Bradshaw-Rhodes: Parents of William M. Bradshaw

Posted by TexasSky 
Bradshaw-Rhodes: Parents of William M. Bradshaw
April 21, 2010 09:07AM
I am looking for anything that will solve some of the mystery of the parents of William M. Bradshaw and his sister Rebecca that can cite a document source.

Most Bradshaw family genealogists on the William M. line say that Samuel Bradshaw and "Sallie Rhodes" are the parents of William M. Bradshaw. They have picked up Samuel and Nancy's wedding date as part of their lines. The Rhodes family genealogists suggest that Sallie Rhodes is actually Sallie Nancy Rhodes, but they did not list the citation for that.

I can confirm with direct evidence that Samuel Bradshaw married Nancy Rhodes on 12-27-1804 in Davidson Co. TN.
This comes from the records of the church where they were married. (I have the church name, and a picture of the old historical record entry in my records somewhere.)

Almost everyone who refers to William M. or Rebecca state that his parents are Samuel and Nancy, but they don't say why they state this. I don't know if it is family-legend, a hopeful researcher, a family bible, or some record on William M. and Rebecca that confirms it.

What I can confirm for others is this.

William M. Bradshaw lived in Sebastian County, ARK in 1860. (The Census lists him, and his age). (The age corresponds to the 1812 birthdate most people give him. Someone picked up 10-2-1812 as his birthdate. Again, they did not cite the source of that data, but 1812 fits.)

Margaret is listed with him in that census. This would be his wife, Margaret Elizabeth Graham Bradshaw. Her age agrees with what people have picked up.

Most of their children are listed with them in that census.

The Samuel K. Bradshaw, with Nancy and Martha in the household on that census would be his son and his daughter-in-law and grandchild. Samuel Kendrick was 24 at that time, Nancy was 22, and Martha was apparently a newborn.
I am not looking for Samuel K. I am looking for William M.'s parents, or Samuel K.'s grandparents.

I can confirm that William M. Bradshaw was the Postmaster of Washburn, ARK.. (This is a Cherokee settlement. One of the Indian Creeks is called Bradshaw Creek). This information comes from a list of historical postmasters of that region.
He died in 1861. (Again, this comes from a historical document of that region.)
His grandchildren say that his body is "missing" or "unknown."
I found one record (a fort log) of the time that indicates one of the casualties of an Indian Battle was "Wlm Bradshaw and son."
I can't prove it, but logic suggests that this is why he died and went missing.
Washburn, Sebastian, ARK was a Cherokee settlement named after the missionary who went to work with the Indians.
In the area that they called the "Indian Creeks" was the "Bradshaw Creek."

Some documents in the Awalt genealogy confirm Margaret Graham married William Bradshaw and after his death, married an Awalt. All Bradshaw documents for her children by either spouse agree with this, and her grave is in the Old Red Rock Cemetery of Bastrop County TX,. which at least partially confirms birth and death dates. (Born 9-2-1822, died 2-16-1906).

That ARK 1860 census lists a younger Samuel K. (Samuel Kendrick Bradshaw) at 24 and head of household, with Nancy, 22, and baby, Martha. This fits with other records on him, but he is the grandson of the couple I'm looking for.

Many, many, many people researching the Rhodes lines and the Bradshaw lines say that Nancy Rhodes, mother of William M. Bradshaw, is really named Sallie and that she only went by Nancy or that Nancy was her middle name. Some call her Sallie Ann. I'm looking for any evidence that will prove that,

I am also looking for any evidence that will confirm Samuel of Davidson Tn, who married in 1804, is the father of William M. who was born 10-2-1812.

Some say that Samuel's father was Elisha Jefferson Bradshaw, and that his mother was Eliza LeFlore. They say that Eliza was the descendant of Michael LeFlore, brother of Greenwood LeFlore, one of the Choctaw Chiefs. Again, they didn't cite why they say that though, and the birth dates for the Eliza LeFlore they are looking at don't seem to logically fit.

It is certain that many Bradshaws registered with the Choctaw nation.
It is also certain that several registered with the Cherokee nation.
The Indian heritage is pretty much certain, and may run on both paternal and maternal lines, but I need citations or reference documents that go beyond, "Grandma always said."
Re: Bradshaw-Rhodes: Parents of William M. Bradshaw
September 19, 2010 11:13PM
I only found more census information for William M. Bradshaw; in 1850 he was in Scott Co., AR, Washburn Twp., aged 37, b. TN, wife Elizabeth, aged 28, b. AL, son Samuel 13 AR, Rebecca J. 12 AL, Lucretia 8 AL, Elizabeth 5 AL, William H. 3 AL, Mary A.? 1/12, AR. There was an Adam Boyer, farmer, aged 27 IL living with them. Next door was a possible brother to Wm.? A. J. Bradshaw, age 40 TN, wife Nancy 35 TN, with 6 children, most born in TN, the last ones in AR. So he might have followed William to AR. I din't know if you had this information as you only mentioned the 1860 census. In the census, A. J. is E. J. with Nancy, still next to William and Margaret in Sebastian Co., AR. He also had a son Samuel, born abt. 1830, so your guess that the father of William was named Samuel is likely, with two sons naming a son Samuel.

I found this in the familysearch.org Search/Record Search Pilot. It shows the 1850 census free, as well as some others, plus some marriages, births, and deaths. This is all I found.