Grandfather 1920 US census
May 27, 2010 06:38PM
I am looking for Bob Lee Holt who is found in the 1920 US census, living in the 2nd district of Davidson Cty. He was living with his wife Mattie " Harrell " Holt. Sons, Hoyt, Clyde, and Elam. I am looking for info before 1920, especially his father & mother and their ancestry. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Clyde D. Holt
Re: Grandfather 1920 US census
September 18, 2010 10:00PM
I found your grandfather in Rutherford County in 1910, by information from James Hoyt Holt's birth certificate information I got thru the's Search Records/Search Pilot. It states that "Hoyt" was born on 1-9-1912 in Rutherford County, and Bob was born in Cannon County, Mattie in Rutherford Co. What is strange is that there's another transcription of the information with Hoyt's names misspelled, the date of birth being 11-9-1911, Bob being born in MO, and Mattie in Cannon Co. It's likely that Mattie was born in Rutherford, as I found her in the 1900 census, born September 1889,there with her parents, William and Linday? Harrell. Robert's middle name is G. on their marriage information, and also in the 1910 census in Rutherford Co., TN in the 18th Civil District. It shows him as being 26, born MN?, 2nd marriage?, wife Mattie 20, TN first marriage, married 2 years, 0 children. This looks to be correct, as R. G. Holt married Mattie Harrell in Rutherford Co., TN on 11-17-1907.

Their ages in 1920: Bob 37, and Mattie 29, look like it could be the right ones.

They also had a son who died as a baby: Leroy Holt, born 5-7-1918 TN, died 10-14-1918, in Newsom, Davidson Co., TN, buried in the family cemetery. 1918 was the year of the Great Influenza Epidemic.

I might have found Bob in 1900 in Cannon Co., TN 7th District, as Robert Holt, 19 years old, farming with another family, single, born TN, and I tried to find his parents, but no luck so far.

You might try queries in Cannon County for Bob and Rutherford for both of them. I checked RootsWeb but found nothing on either of them. You can also try a query to the RootsWeb Message Boards. I did a little genealogy on some Harrells, but in Lauderdale Co., West TN.

Good Luck! I just like doing research sometimes- I have no family here.
Re: Grandfather 1920 US census
September 19, 2010 06:21PM
Thank you for the time spent on this matter. I too have found the same info, but through the process of elimination, I have come up with another scenario. As stated before, I know nothing about my grandfather although I lived with them off and on until I turned 9 yrs. old. That's when we moved to Chicago. I have Mattie's death cert. and it clearly states her parents were Tom & Lonie Pertle Holt. She died on Feb. 25, 1957, my 15th birthday. In the 1900 census, she is living with parents and several of her siblings. The 1910 census, she is not mentioned living with her parents but, the siblings are mostly the same. I had met 3 of brothers and 1 sister, so I'm sure of her parentage. I also attended her mother Lonie's funeral in 1949, although all I remember is being in her house afterwards. On Bob's death cert., Hardy holt is stated as his father and Bob was born in TN. We both know census's can be wrong. My father was the informant and I'm sure he ever met his Grandfather, at least he never mentioned it to me. Thanks again but, Bob still remains a mystery. I'm spending a lot of time at the TNSLA, in Nashville and on line at our local library. I'm sure something will pop one of these days. Thanks again