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Samuel M. Corcoran

Posted by Wendy Corcoran 
Samuel M. Corcoran
February 12, 2011 02:10PM
Hello Cousins, Friends and Family Researchers,

We have placed our work of over 5,600 people on ancestry.com--

And, on findagrave.com--

Our great, great grandfather, Patrick William Corcoran was from Huddersfield, England, We are paying the archives there to trace this Scotch-Irish family of nine. I have pretty much completed Patricks tales from England to New York City down to Nashville, Lawrenceburg, Alabama and back up to Lawrenceburg and Columbia, with his family of fifteen.

There are several members of this family that remain "mystery's"--as they were the ones that left the area. Living cousins in Columbia have not heard about them. So I am hoping that perhaps someone in the Haywood area would recollect these family surnames; and, perhaps do look-ups for us.

We are looking for our great grandfather: Samuel M. Corcoran,
Birth: 5 Mar 1859, Laurel Hill, Lawrenceburg, TN, USA
Death: 25 Oct 1890, ?Brownsville, Haywood, TN, USA

Mary C. Moseley Mosely Mosley
Birth: abt 1863, Shelbyville, Tennessee, USA
Death: 27 Nov 1944, Forrest Hill Cemetery (Midtown), Memphis, TN, USA (Died of colon cancer)

Charles H. Corcoran 1879 – 1881; Patrick "Pat" C. Corcoran* 1882 – 1962; Emma Corcoran 1884 – 1960; Mary C. Corcoran 1888 – 1934; John "Michael" Corcoran 1889 – 1930.

Our line descends through Patrick C. Corcoran.

Mary's parents--

Charles Fleming Mosley Moseley
Birth: 11 Oct 1820, Madison, Alabama, USA NOT England
Death: bef 1870, ?Trenton, Haywood, TN, USA

Mary A./C. Nicks Nix
Birth: 2 Nov 1828, Maury County, TN, USA
Death: 1928, ?Trenton, Haywood/Memphis TN, USA

We would love stories, photographs--any living cousin information about Sam and Mary and their children. We feel we are missing a chunk of our history without knowing anything about him or his family! I am not sure of the migration pattern of the Mosley family. I do know from looking at the names of the 168 mill workers who lived and worked on Laurel Hill that the family names--Corcoran and Mosley were living there. So it is conceiveable that the young Sam and Mary played as children on "the hill". As they grew up, they married. For some reason the Mosley father moved his family to Haywood.

Was there another cotton mill there that the family worked in?

There might have been rumors that the Laurel Hill Cotton Mill would be closing so the father decided to move his family to the next cotton town. Only speculation.

I just wish I could find someone in Haywood who might do look-ups for us. Please write us at lightkeeperswellness@earthlink.net. Somebody must know something.

Humble gratitude, Wendy and John Corcoran

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