James Robert Adams (c1864-1915)
July 12, 2010 10:35PM
I am researching my Adams family line. It STOPS at my great grandfather. His name is listed on four of his children's birth certificates as JAMES ROBERT ADAMS, and his birth place as ORM, TENNESSEE.

Beginning with the 1900 Census he was living in Saline County, Arkansas. His wife was Ella Frances Leech; they were married on Jan 31, 1902; at the time of their marriage he was living in Jefferson County, Arkansas.

Their children were William Wilburn, Olive Victoria, Margaret Sara, Mary Evelyn, and Robert Lowell, all deceased.

Based upon the birth certificate information I have estimated his birth year as 1864 and written in my grandparents Bible is the death year of 1915.
My grandfather told me that his father was sent back to Tennessee for burial, but unfortunatley I didn't listen well enought to remember where. I have a handwritten note that was in my grandparents papers stating that "Jim" was buried in Columbia Mountain, Tennessee.

I have been searching for records, but to no avail, as I have no more clues.... there are over 40 "James Adams" listed in Tennessee alone in the 1880 Census....even more if you follow the migratory possibilities toward Arkansas

I would appreciate any help that comes my way concerning the "roots" of my great grandfather James Robert Adams.