Thompson, West, Parrerr/ott - Native American?
July 07, 2010 11:20AM
In the 1850 Overton Co., TN census JAMES FORRESTER PARRETT/OTT is living in the household of George M. THOMPSON as is TABITHA WEST. She is Cherokee. A thousand genealogy miles down the road I re-read the civil war pension of James' wife, Mahala Ann Bowman Parrett, and find that her only witness is WILSON WEST who states that he as known them always and is a next door neighbor. The petition was written in 1869 in Putnam County, TN. Is George M. Thompson Native American, too?

Wilson and James fought together in the civil war - both serving in the 28th TN Infantry, CSA. Luckily I found a DNA record of WILSON WEST. It states that he was born in 1824 in Lincoln Co., NC and married Nancy Jackson in Overton Co., TN. it also states that he died in INDIAN TERRITOPRY, now Murray Co., OK. If you care to check the dna page it is "West Family Group 15".

I thought surely when our dna test was returned we would finally KNOW who we are, but not so. James does not match any other Parrett/ott family but matches exactly Rev. John Wesley DOSS, who does not match any of the other Doss amilies eiter! Who ARE these men? After 87 years I would like to know who I am also!!

If you have ANY tidbit of information on these great people, please let me know.

Doris Parrett Williford - now of TX......